The Uprising of the Underworld.

All manner of supernatural creatures have risen to be the top of the food-chain officially. See how everything pans out in these collaborative adventures.

In the last 45 years Creature's of the night had risen from obscurity and taken over the world. First it had been the vampire's, turning all those who were useful, toppling governments and taking their place, the humans hadn't really stood much of a chance and once the magic wielder's had joined in, following their father's and mother's the shifter's made their presence known too. The fight for dominance had only lasted 3 years, but there were many casualties with the humans, that the vampire's chose for their towns and villages to be registered, even bonds. 

There was peace for a while, as everyone adjusted to the new regime and the creature's began to not fear the repercussions of their actions, instead some became greedy and war broke out once more. Not with the humans, but with each other. It had started within the different fractions of the shape shifter's and spread like wildfire to the other races, humans were caught in the crossfire and when it was over the humans were few and far between. It was them a law passed that for humans to be safe from another threat of civil war they would have to bond with those who were now in charge, finding this an easier option the humans agreed and many friends became bonded. But even with this law there is still a fraction of creature's that wish for humanity to end, to them they are a weak species and don't deserve life. 

There is a new war brewing, but what will be the trigger that begins the bloodshed once more. 


Gabriel sat watching the humans close the shutter's on their windows and lock their doors, in the shadow of the town council building, night was beginning to fall and all knew that the vampire's were sure come to this village next, they'd all been reading the paper's. She snorted before stepping from her hideaway, her hips shifted as she moved across the cobble stones, she'd been planning this hit for a long time. As a Katagaria panther, she knew that her Arcadian brethren thought of her as nothing more than her animal counterpart, but she knew better. It was the humans that were the animal's, hunting her kind for their fur, she glared at the building's around her, it was the humans who paid when the vampire's rose into power. 

She sighed, she knew that it wasn't all humans that were bad, there were some who would help her kind, heal them as best they could and send them on their way. With a shake of her dark hair she continued forward until she saw the gates which the vampire's would be sure to enter through, with a smirk that was feral she looked at the ground and opened the sewer gate that was there, reaching in she pulled out her case and placed it on the ground beside her. 

The last of the suns rays disappeared and there was a moment of silence as she placed the cover back over the hole and clicked her case open, revealing a sleek pair of AMT Hardballer's. Taking them from the case she stood, kicked the case away and trained them on the gates, from her Intel only 3 vampire's would be scouting the area that night, and she had to take them out before they reached the first house which was 100 yards from the gate. Taking three steps forward she saw the first shape appear and smirked, this was going to be too easy, rolling her shoulder's she took aim and fired. 3 dark forms fell and within moments she was placing her guns into their ankle holster's and shifting, stopping by the disintegrating bodies she lifted her head to the gate and watched a 4th appear from the shadows, they were two close for her to shift, get her gun and attack so she crouched and growled.

The End

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