Rift Seraph


The Rift Seraph is an enigmatic being. No one who has encountered it has decribed the exact same appearance, but its distinct energy can be picked up even by the unreceptive. Sometimes it will have no known traits other than a subtle warp in the air, or an intense bright light that soothes rather than burns, other times it will take on the appearance some known being with notable differences, and other times it will resemble a piece of architecture more than a “living” entity.

It is universally described as strong, beautiful in indescribable ways, impenetrable, a source of protection and light.

Despite the vague nature of this entity, its importance cannot be underestimated. It seems to be one of the integral forces that hold the multiverse together. It is a single entity that has the power to effect this world and many others, from the opening and closing of portals to the temporary manipulation of living creatures, to the catastrophic events that can stop harmful meddlers in their tracks.

It is order among chaos, which instantly makes it the enemy of most of the Void's twisted denizens. As the Dreamfeeder probed for openings in the dimensional membrane, the Rift Seraph struggled to keep them closed, to protect the vulnerable creatures on the other side.

However, its power is limited. While it could continuously close portals and thwart those who fed the Dreamfeeder's demonic desires, it could not win all of the time, as matter cannot be destroyed; merely moved to a different place or transformed into something new.

The Rift Seraph occasionally combines its power with that of whoever is suffering the Void's onslaught. The energies of both familiar and foreign have the power to put Godlike power to sleep, to restore the balance of what would otherwise be meaningless.


The End

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