Night Hounds


Not much is known about the Night Hound, for it prefers dark, quiet abandoned places where its victim’s eyes betray them. They rely on stealth and seem able to conserve energy much more than other demons similar to it, but when they do finally feed they must take a life.

Its basic shape is somewhat dog-like, but everything else is all wrong. Oily black, with dozens of prehensile appendages designed to grab and hold, luminous white eyes, and similarly colored markings, it walks on four lithe legs, the many-toed claws providing excellent traction.

Night Hounds prefer to hunt alone but will occasionally team up with others of their kind if the situation demands.

It is about the size of a Great Dane, but with a heavier, sleeker build. When in pursuit it never tires, never pauses for breath. Its origin is not organic and the appearance most likely a manifestation inspired by lupine creatures it has seen.

Night Hounds are immensely patient and will stand and wait for prey to come close. They do not immediately attack, but watch for long periods of time to determine whether it is suitable.

They attack by ambushing, lunging, and bearing down on people with all their weight. The whip-like tentacles deter attempts to fight back, and they normally choke the life out of prey by the throat, feeding sometimes for prolonged periods on the excess energy left behind.

Their intelligence is hard to measure, but they seem to exhibit problem solving skills and will readily use tools or items to get to their prey.

Only a few have been seen in one place. This could either be because numbers are rare or because they are constantly on the move, melding perfectly with the shadows.


The End

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