Creative Writing

Just an old bit of creative writing I found lying around... It is what I derived the other two works I have posted from... Both "The Push" and "Far". Hope you enjoy.

Creative Writing (2/13/12)

The Push...
     There’s a certain pain behind your eyes. It serves only to hint at the pain held in your heart. Buried among lost memories Still there are easier ways to overcome impossibilities such as the ones we lay before ourselves. As if we have a choice. Because even as the paths in life present themselves, influences beyond our control dictate our actions. Are we willing to admit it? Or even acknowledge the possibility.
     Moving forward we leave behind the precious time it takes for us to reach the very destination we push ourselves toward. Always looking ahead... glancing back occasionally. But never in the moment have we lived the way we should. The way we were designed to. Still far worse crimes have been committed by these hands, in the vain attempt to preserve something that was never meant to last. So that it can be shared with others in the hopes that it will one day affect real change.
     There is depth to how shallow they can be. The shock is setting in. I’m not sure how I should feel, only that I should feel something more than self loathing. It accomplishes nothing... Nothing that hasn’t already been accomplished with less than desirable results. We look to those who have accomplished more, for wisdom as if aspiring to join there ranks would do us any good. All the while questioning ourselves.

     While asleep she dreams in color. I’m not deserving of her love and if the walls could tell there stories, they would remain silent just the same. A thousand words would never paint her portrait. There is no substitute for her beauty. No explanation...

     ...Still it exists all the same.

The End

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