Marco's DarknessMature

Marco couldn't hear anything, except the constant sound of his own failing heartbeat, dying as the water filled him. He didn't know where he was, either, except that it was dark, and the darkness seemed increasingly more comforting. But somehow he knew something was missing, something awful had happened, he just didn't seem to know what it was.

 Then suddenly, through the darkness the flame of recognition raged through him. And a girl with short, dyed fiery-red hair and deep, laughing green eyes appeared in his mind's eye. "Lizzie!" Marco's mind whispered as the memory returned to him. Then a sinking sensation swamped his darkness, his lungs seemed to burn and quite suddenly his surroundings became green and murky. Someone was trying to push his barely concsious body to the surface, someone who couldn't swim much better than he could. His mind hissed once more "Lizzie!". Lizzie his best friend was sacrificing herself to save him, to stop him from drowning at the cost of her own life. The body underneath Marco that he was only just registering seemed to give one last ounce of strength that pushed Marco to the surface. Then someone started pressing on his chest, desperately trying to get his failing heart to thump once more. "Lizzie!" Marco shouted, somehow concsious throughout his revival "Lizzie, you have to save Lizzie!" The person who was trying to revive Marco screamed back "Wake up, Marco!"

Marco sat up and gasped. He let the visions of the dream subside completely before sitting up slowly. Still shaking, Marco picked up the glass on his chest of drawers and took a few sips of the water that was in it. He looked worriedly towards the door, luckily this time his nightmares hadn't woken his mum up. Marco closed his eyes and thought about Lizzie. Her flame-red hair and deep, laughing green eyes. "Why?" He asked someone, he didn't know if it was himself, or God, or his wall. "Why did she feel she had to die?" Marco remembered the whole incident well...too well. Lizzie's death wasn't in a lake, as in the dream. Lizzie had saved Marco from the lake when they were only 10, long before Lizzie secured the rope to her ceiling, the rope that ended her life. She hadn't shown any signs; just gave Marco a longer hug than usual at college and went home, never to return again. Marco had felt somehow responsible, somehow as though he hadn't done enough. She had saved his life once, but he hadn't been able to save hers. The idea almost killed him every single day.

The End

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