"Do you know what insanity is?" Ethan asked the man in the infirmary bed next to his.

The man stirred a little, apparently just waking up.

"What? Who?" The man said. He slowly started to sit up in his bed, groaning a little. As soon as he laid his eyes on Ethan, he let out a little yelp. Ethan laughed. That was usually everyone's reaction when they first laid eyes on him. His deformed face was something out of the nightmares. He didn't mind, though.

"Relax." Ethan said. "What's your name?"

"I..." The man hesitated.

Ethan leaped out of his bed and sat next to the man, who seemed to shy away from him.

"It doesn't matter. I'll call you Crazyman. We are all crazymen here. I'll call you Crazyman number 24.  So tell me, 24, do you know what insanity is?"

"No." The man said.

"Insanity is minority. Normality is majority. That is the only difference between us and them." As he said them, he pointed to a male nurse who had just walked in.

"Ethan, go back to your bed please." The nurse ordered. Ethan paid no heed.

"Don't believe 'em." He whispered into 24's ear. "No matter what they tell you. You are not insane." Then he started to grin. "But as long as we're in here, we might as well have some fun, right?"

Ethan leaped off the bed, and started running maniacally, turning over beds, ripping up patient profiles and destroying equipment, until the male nurse finally caught up to him.

"What's the matter with you?" He shouted as the needle sinked into his skin. "This is a mental asylum, for God's sake! We're supposed to act up!"

The End

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