The door slammed shut behind the nurses and Anya rocked back and forward in the corner where they had left her, tears streaming down her face.
In her hands she held clumps of the long blonde hair that they had sheared off moments ago, leaving her with a spiky boyish hairstyle. It was her punishment for not telling them what they wanted to know.

Anya had only been here two days and they were trying to break her down and turn her into the mental patient that they already accused her of being.
Her hair had been her one weakness. It had been down past her waist as she hadn't cut it since she was 14 when her father told her she looked better with long hair. That was only days before he was shot and killed on a routine training mission gone wrong.

Anya held the clumps of hair to her face and wept. "Father...." she whimpered, hair tickling her nose and cheeks.

"I've had enough." she screamed suddenly. "This is too far! How can I tell you what I don't remember?"

She stood up and walked away from the pile of hair in the corner, her head felt lighter and she ran a hand through the shorn locks. "All you've done is made it easier to think." she said through gritted teeth. "What do you want from me?" she kicked the door hard, a metal clang echoing through the room.

Anya couldn't remember exactly how she'd ended up in the facility, her memory wasn't exactly the best at the moment. She remembered standing on the top of her building with two other people who's faces she couldn't remember. They had chased her from her apartment up onto the roof and she had faced them down with a Firestar clutched in her hands and anger in her green eyes.

"Emily Winters. Put the gun down and come quietly with us." one of them had said. "You have ten seconds to tell me who the hell you are and what you want." she snarled back.

Then suddenly she had felt a stinging sensation in her neck and she raised a shaky hand to pull out a dart loaded with a heavy sedative. "What..?" her vision had gone blurry and she felt strong arms catch her as she collapsed backwards, the Firestar falling from her grasp and bouncing twice off the ground. "Anya Louise Matthews." a voice had whispered in her ear. "No matter how many times you change your identity we still found you."

Anya slapped her palm off her forehead as she came back to the harsh reality of the cell. "Why can't I remember anything?" she muttered. "Why? Why? Why?"

Then suddenly her arms dropped to her sides and her eyes closed. Five seconds later she opened them again only now they held a vacant expression mixed with feral rage.

"YOU'LL NEVER GET IT OUT OF ME!!" she screamed, slamming her hands into the door. The sound of feet running down the corridor only served to enrage her more and she began to storm around the room, tipping the bed over, ripping the painting of a boat off the wall and putting her foot through it and throwing the glass of water at the mirror and smashing it to bits.

Seconds before the door burst open, Anya picked up the pieces of glass from the floor and crushed them in her hands, blood began to stream down her fingers and she turned to the nurses and two security men that entered the room and flung the glass at them. One piece caught the first man on the arm as he pushed the nurse out of the way but the others missed, instead slamming into the wall, a few of them sticking.

They began to advance on her but she held a piece of glass to her throat and they froze. "You take one more step..." she threatened, her eyes wild.

"Anya please, put the glass down." one of the nurses edged towards her, hands outstretched pleadingly.

Anya glanced at the nametag. "Sylvie.." she sneered. "I told you.." and with that Anya brought the glass down and sliced through her left wrist. "NO!" Sylvie lept forward just as Anya's eyes focused again and she glanced down at her bleeding wrist. "What have you done to me?" she whispered as she stumbled towards the nurse, getting blood all over the woman's white uniform.

"Quick get her to the infirmary. NOW. They need this one alive." Sylvie yelled at one of the men as she tried to hold Anya up.

He was beside them in two steps and picked Anya up, carrying her out the door. "It's the hypnotism." she heard someone mutter. "They've protective measures embedded into her. She was their top assassin."

I'm an assassin?

Anya's mind began to go fuzzy as the doors passed by one by one, and then she saw something that made her snap back to reality for a moment.

One door was open as they passed and a scraggly looking man pushed his way past a young nurse and into the corridor. Sylvie and the second security man pounced on him before he got any further and shoved a needle into his arm, getting Anya's blood on him as he struggled and brushed against their stained clothes. Just as he fell to his knees his eyes met hers and widened in recognition. "Anya." he murmured.

How do I know you?

Her eyes began to close as she lost more blood, the last thing she heard was Sylvie's voice. "Get Topher back in his cell quickly. Make sure he remembers none of this."

Topher... how do I know you?

Anya fainted.

The End

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