"Lily," said the nurse impatiently, "just eat the food."

Lily stared up at the nurse, she was a new one, Lily had never seen this one before. A name tag pinned to her uniform announced her to be 'CAROLINE'. Lily looked at her face, holding the gaze of Caroline for a second, before taking the bowl of slop from her outstretched left hand. Lily wrinkled her nose as she looked from the nurse to the food, as if to say; "you expect me to eat this?!" Lily took one last look at the un-appetizing-mess-in-a-bowl, before throwing it directly at the nurse. The bowl stuck to Caroline for a second, before making a slow journey to the ground, sliding the 'food' all over the nurse. As the bowl clattered to the ground, the nurse sighed. She slowly knelt over and picked up the bowl and said "Lily, you know the rules here. You know what's going to happen. Why can't you just eat it?" she sighed and turned her back to Lily, walking out of the door to, no doubt to get a syringe. Lily pulled her knees to her chest and rocked slowly backwards and forwards.

"I want my baby. Why won't they let me see my baby? I need my baby. I need her now." Lily said, speaking only to herself and the four padded walls of the room. "I know you're out there, baby, Mummy will find you, Mummy will find you." The nurse came back into the room, followed by two big, strong looking men. The nurse reached into her pocket and pulled out a large syringe. Lily screwed up her eyes before opening them suddenly, as she felt the needle prick her arm. "Give me my baby back!" was the last thing she screamed at the nurse before she felt softly into the darkness, where she would dream of an alternate reality where she played with the child who, in this reality, would sleep eternally, warmed only by the soil that was her bed.

The End

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