Administrator Mason

"Mister Mason, I know you said to hold your calls, but General Davies is on the phone and he is insistent.  I thought he might be worth troubling you over."  His assistant Carol spoke in her clipped vaguely demeaning voice while she looked into the room expectantly.  She knew that of course he would take the call, and by her expression she viewed giving him the option as a most troubling event.

Jeff Mason took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose and braced himself for what he knew was coming.  He let out a long breath and nodded at his assistant.  "Sure Carol, put him through.  I know the General and he didn't get where he is by being put off."  Carol was almost back at her desk by the time he finished speaking.  Jeff just shook his head absently.  He didn't know why he bothered.

The phone rang and he picked up.  "Jeff Mason spea-".  That was as far as he got.

"You took your damn time!  Now don't give me any of your administrative gobbledegook.  I know what you folks are about there, and you are going to give me straight answers, dammit."

"Okay." Jeff replied.  "Of course some of the information I have is propriet-"

"Mason, I warn you.  Do not mess with me.  I know you have my daughter!"

"What!?"  Jeff just about fell out of his chair.  This was a surprise.

"Reagan Sophia Davies.  She went missing a few days ago, and one of my boys swears it was the security group that took her, which would lead either to the detainment or to you, and I know she is not in detainment."

 Jeff thought of his most recent arrivals , and only two of them were the right age and gender, but neither of them had that name.  He said as much to the general.

"Dammit, they won't have admitted her under her true name.  I have to come there and see." 

"I am afraid that won't be possible, General.  I am under strict orders to-"

"I Don't give a rats left nostril about your orders, this is my daughter we are talking about, man!"  It was only now that Jeff sensed the true desperation in the man's voice.  For a General to disdain the need to follow orders was irregular to say the least.

"General Davies if you wish to see any of the detainees you will need to get clearance like anyone else.  I hope you find your daughter, but I cannot give you more information than I already have."  Jeff pulled the phone away while the General screamed and cussed at him from the other end.  It was a wonder there wasn't spittle flying out of the receiver.  He weathered the storm for a few moments and then decided enough was enough.

"General Davies I am going to report this irregular activity to my superiors.  Good bye."  With a satisfied smile Jeff put the phone back in it's cradle.  The satisfaction didn't last long, though.  He thought about his daughter going missing and cold nugget of fear stirred deep in his abdomen.  He suddenly felt for the general, but in a career where he had been consistently pushed around by military types one did not endure it any more than one had to.  

On that thought Jeff gained his feet and exited the room.  Carol was typing away at her desk.  He paced quickly past her, relieved that he didn't have to communicate with her.  He had to admit that she was great at her job, but she was just so unpleasant that he didn't enjoy contact with her.

It was that way with most of the staff.  It seemed that the people they sent him were all antisocial unpleasant people.  The orderlies were downright mean, and the nurses did their job but didn't have any of the empathy that can usually found deep down in the heart of most people he had met in that profession.  

He wondered if the General was right.  If one of the new arrivals was his daughter it could certainly create a situation if it was found out.  In particular the one suffering acute memory loss fit the profile.  It was disturbing if true, and Jeff suppressed a shudder as he forced the thought out of his mind.  He had made a fine living by not asking questions, and he wasn't about to start now.  His job in the security wing was to detain and suppress.  His superiors had been quite clear that rehabilitation wasn't even a secondary concern. 

His feet knew where we has headed even though he didn't, as he found himself in front of the door to the head Doctor of the facility.  He put his hand on the door and drew another deep breath ans he pushed his way in.  This man was no easier to deal with than anyone else in this facility.   Nevertheless he felt inclined to get some answers.

The End

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