The world seemed quiet, and strangely eerie.

"Oh that's hearing aid." As Lupin flipped the switch on to the tiny device behind his ear, he opened his eyes in surprise; now everything was too loud! "Dearie me! Turn the volume down! Ethel? Ethel! Turn the damn television off!" A small nurse turned towards him and gave a nervous smile.

"My name's not Ethel, and there's no television's restricted in the facilities. I'm new here, and my name's Naomi." She smiled again, this time with more confidence, but  as she turned to look for his response, he was running down the hallway. He was definetly too far away now, even if she ran. She flipped on the walkie talkie, and it buzzed in her pocket. "We have a runner. He's wearing a cashmere vest, tweed pants, and has a monacle? He's not dangerous, but he's quite lively...." She sighed again and looked onwards...

The sun shone brightly through the tiny cracks in the wall, shadows flickering playfully as Lupin ran.

"Come on, now...Lupin. I know you've been tired of the quiet life, but we have...other uses for you."

"I'm not going out without a fight! That's what anarchy is, and none of the other systems work! Chaos is meant to rule the world!"

"Oh, really?" The female nurse gave a slight grin as she inched closer, her figure seemingly growing in size with each small stride. Flick, flick, jab. The needle shot into his arm and Lupin began speaking in toungues as he collapsed to the floor, refusing to give up.

"You know that chemical weapons are no match for me?! I survived students egging my house, being jabbed in the stomach with a medieval sword, getting trampled by oxen!! I'll have you know--." His eyelashes fluttered and he grasped the nurse's collar, his wrinkled hands gripping her with surprising strength. As the chemicals crept into his system, he lurched forward menacingly, then looked up at the nurse with one last push, spitting in her face before collapsing completely as his face touched the cold, hard floor.

"You know...there's a reason you're at this facility...we need you to help us. We'll fix you, but then you must repay us." She stood menacingly over Lupin until the young nurse finally caught up, huffing as she opened her mouth in horror.

"What have you done to him?!!"

"You know what kind of facility this is: high risk. If you want to stay, stay. If you want to leave...we have an exit to your right." The older nurse snapped, her thin bony face glowing eerily in the flourescent light.

"Fine. I'll put him with the rest of's nearly lunchtime anyways."

Lupin opened his eyes slightly as he stared into the younger nurse's eyes.

"Are they coming? I've asked them to make me a cobalt bomb...then this pitiful world will actually have a purpose...start over." He smiled as he reached forward, pushing his monacle away slightly.

"Don't worry, dear...I'll bring a stretcher."

The End

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