He sat there, it was hard to get more than a superficial reaction from him. None of the nurses ever thought he would ever be any trouble. None of them cared. 

They were wrong. They were ignorant idiots who couldn't see past their own noses. Mart was just biding his time, one day they would make a mistake. That day would be the day they would live to regret for the rest of their lives. 

I am getting out of here if it is the last thing I ever do.

Evelyn, his nurse, came in with his dinner and Mart ate it without really tasting it. But as he gave it back to the nurse, he slipped a syringe and needle out of her pocket. She didn't notice, they never did...idiots. Mart slipped the loaded syringe into a hole in the ground under his mattress along with the four other syringes and several other odds and ends he had collected over the time that he had been here. Tonight he would take another step in testing the limits of these people's idiocy. He was going to take a walk around outside his cell. He had the perfect tool in his hole to pick the locks. The lights dimmed and flickered to lay down and wait for just a few more hours...

It was about three in the morning when Mart's eyes opened again...he had actually managed to sleep and then wake up exactly when he wanted to...thanks to the training he had received for the Special Ops corp he had been in before they had taken him here. He got up up quietly and reached under his bed to retrieve the lock-pick. Then he padded silently to his door and inserted it into the tiny lock on the door. It didn't take him very long before the door eased open into an empty, dark hall lined with other doors like his. Free, he was free! No, not yet, it wasn't time...even if he did make it all the way out of camp, where would he go? He shook his head, now was not the time to leave, that would come later, when he was more prepared. 

He closed his door behind him and moved smoothly down hall to the end, and another door, this one led to where the staff stayed during the day...the idiots didn't even bother to guard it at night. After quickly unlocking the door, Mart moved in and looked around. There wasn't much here, just a desk, paper, bare walls, a uniform closet, some pencils...wait, a uniform closet! Mart padded over to the closet and removed a uniform in his size, then closed it again. 

It didn't take long for Mart to get out, lock the door, move into his cell, lock it as well, then stow the uniform carefully away and get back into bed. This was all going just as planned. With just a little luck, Mart would be able to get out one day...and then he would tell the world what they had done to him. 

The End

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