"Today is the day," thought Mart to himself as he readied his supplies. Evelyn, his nurse. would be coming in soon. He got back in bed and pretended to be asleep. About ten seconds later the nurse came with his food. She unceremoniously shook him "awake" and then left. As usual. The nurses had given up on getting any sort of reaction out of him long ago. He was about to make idiots out every single sluggard in this place. For a little bit he even considered blowing the whole place sky-high. No point in blowing his cover though. It could ruin his whole plan, and it just wasn't worth jeopardizing his escape with a stunt like that.

He ate his breakfast and slipped the bowl under the little slot in his door designed specifically for that purpose; then got to work. First he put on the stolen suit. It was a guard's suit. Perfect. Next he picked the lock of his cell and walked down the hall. Unlocking the door and making it look like someone had tried to escape.He looked around the walls until he found what he was looking for. A big red button by the door to one of the cells. He moved over to it and pressed it. Immediately red lights started to flash and a siren wail sounded all throughout the building and yard. Other guard as well as a nurse or two rushed in to find the source of teh problem.

"A prisoner has escaped!" Mart informed them worriedly. They looked at the cell and Evelyn gaped.

"Mart escaped? He was always the placid one though!" she exclamed stupidly. He really hated her. Her huge, brown, cow-like eyes staring dumbly at the cell that he had, until recently, occupied.

"Well apperently you weren't paying close enough attention," Mart snapped. "I'm going to check the yard to see if he escaped there."

The guards nodded and Mart left to do just as he said. He went out to the yard and looked around. No escaping prisoners here. Except him that is. As a matter of fact, he was the only one on the field. He grinned and headed for the gate. A few more steps and he would be home free!

As he passed to the gate, he nodded to the other guards. "We found a hole in the escaped prisoner's cell, I've been told to look for the exit."

They let him through the gate and mark moved around the perimeter of the facility. As soon as he was out of sight of the guards he started to move away, still at a walk. He had a long way to go after all. The nearest town was about four miles away. He would make it though. Then he would make his way to an airport andfly back to the USA. Then he would pay back the people who had landed him here. He had DVDs and recordings of the stuff on his person. He would show what life was like there. And also, he knew how to prove he was still sane...and always had been...

The End

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