The light shone brightly through the small cracks in the dusty windows  and Lupin opened one eye.

"Damn." He attempted to move his arms off the bed, but in doing so, realized that the iron bars that they had strapped onto him were taught and heavy against his limp arms.

"Darling, I'm here to talk to you." The new nurse came forward, wringing her hands cautiously as she approached the bed; her hands were shaking, but she took a breath and regained control before she sat down and almost sunk into the soft bed.

"What about?" Lupin glanced around anxiously, looking forward to hearing news of his release, but by her somber expression, he understood it wouldn't be for a long time. Sighing, he let his eyes wander until they fixated onto the slightly humming light above him and nodded his head for her to go on.

"About a lot of things, Lupin. I're not crazy. What worries me is that with your current behavior, and the trauma you've been through with the others...." She sighed softly before beginning again, "It worries me that you'll relapse. You've come so far, Lupin. I know you don't want to stay here, do you? Don't you want to see your family again?"

"Family..." Lupin's eyes clouded over and he struggled to remember the people that had been with him often. "I have no family."

"You'r broken, Lupin." Her expression changed to an evil grin, and she injected the green syringe into him arm, the pain jolting up and down through his body. As he struggled to regain conciousness, she looked away. "But we have ways of fixing that."

The End

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