Training a ChildMature

Myro had been travelling with me for a while, four months to be exact. I had told him many times that if he went any further with me, he'd die. I suppose he's just waiting for the arrival of his demise.

'Caddy?' He asked, 'are these berries okay to eat.' He held up a bunch of lurid red balls.

I squinted at them before taking one and eating it, 'well. They taste just fine. So, if I die soon, I'm blaming you.'

He paused before stuffing the rest into his mouth, after he did so he said, 'why are you such a pessimist, Caddy?'

'I'm a pessimist because you can't think your about to win, you've only won until you've scored,' I replied cryptically. He frowned.

'I'm sure I'll understand one day.'

'You wont,' I snorted, 'now. Are you strong?'

'Sort of, thanks to your training.' He smiled, he was so damn cute all grinny like that I couldn't help but flash him a small smile.

'I'm taking you somewhere where I can train you up good. But if you make any wrong move, any move that's  not on my command; you really will die.' I said, first lightly, finishing with a serious edge to my voice, 'I'm not good with kids.'

'I noticed,'Myro mutter, I grinded the top of his head with my fist, 'so where is this place?'

'It's called Pinna's Basin. It's a giant lake which is at the base of Mt. Pinna. It's a wretched place, that is. All sorts of Beastmen have settled there.'

'Sounds scary.'

'It may be scary, yes, it's one of the most terrifying places I've ever been to. But it's got lush surroundings and many good places to camp at.' I stared at Myro, making sure he took in my every word, 'but: listen now Myro. If anything, anything happens whilst we are there; you get out of there as fast as you can. Run until your feet bleed and forget about me.'


'Myro.' I growled, 'that is an order from your superior.'

'Yes.' He muttered grudgingly, scuffing his sandals on the ground.

'Good. Now! We've got a full nights journey ahead of us! I want to be there by dawn!'

The End

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