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After travelling with the vampire, gun-slinging swordsmen. I learned his name is Voerath and he is not much of a talker an added bonus because I could hardly talk without feeling like an idiot. I also learned that he alone killed all those beastmen in the cave which he counted was at least fifty. Before I was taken the most beast men I saw one man take down was four and that was my father on the night they laid waste to my village.  Voerath and I had been on the raod for six hours today, he mumbled earlier that we were heading to Aggermesh, I port town one the easter coast of the continent. I had no clue where it was but I knew from when I was a kid that the place was full of diplomats, politicians, government, guards, art, statues. You know typical symbols of true civilization.

His business there? I don't know , but from the looks of it he is probably some sort of beast hunter, maybe even a slayer! However as boring as it was just walking on a lonely road that carved its way through a beautiful yet lonely country, I was always amazed by little things like animals, the smells on the breeze, the feeling of wind, the feeling of sun, and rain. I felt freedom a way that most others would not understand. I skipped down the road for a bit until an a dark feeling carried on the wind stopped me for second. It smelled a bit like blood, and I shook a little and started to walk with less bounce in my step. Voerath grabbed my shoulder before I could continue on.

" Are you truly prepared to see whats up ahead?" He said darkly.

I shook my head and nodded to reply.

"Then take these."

he gave me a slightly rusted revolver fully loaded, and one edged dagger that had a beautiful silver handle with a serpents mouth opening  up with the blade protuding out of it.  I strapped the two weapons to my waist sullenly knowing that holding a weapon in my case would encourage a feeling of a false sense of security.

"Tonight we train, I doubt we'll run into any beastmen but, it seems like we have a horde living around here somewhere, jumping unprepared travellers, and hopefully tomorrow we'll reach Aggermesh in the late afternoon." Voerath said the most in thirty seconds then in the last two days.

I nodded and we continued around a bend to see a caravan torn apart the body of a young boy who had been cut down the middle and his guts had been removed. I tear welled up in my right eye. While a part of me felt sad, another part of me felt hungry. I had been forced to eat human flesh before I detested it greatly yet I couldn't help but noticed it was very deliciouse and I craved it from time to time.

"Your not like them, trust me. Even I have cravings." Voerath said caringly instead of his usual abrasive sounding voice.

"Wuh wuh wait? yuh yuh you ha ha have creh crav.."

"Did you actually think I’m an ordinary human?" He laughed a little," No I'm partially a vampire." He said opening his mouth to reveal full fledged vampire fangs, " You and I are more alike than you think. Lets go."

Nightfall came as we approached a beautiful turquoise lake which on our side was a grassy flat land but across the lake was a tall mountain that spiralled into the clouds while on the side of it looked like a batch of crystals, the sight was something truly to behold.

"That is mount Pinna , and that’s where the dragons nest." Voerath said standing behind me. And before you ask, yes dangerous dragons not those domesticated ones. Not many people who stray near the base of mount Pinna come back alive."

"Th the then hu how ddd do yu yu kn know?" I asked, he gave a slight smile.

" I said not many people who stare near there come back alive. And yes I have even summited mount Pinna, but that’s a long story and I have no desire to ever return there." Voerath said with a tint of fear in his voice. Now if Voerath was scared of something I knew for sure to that I should be more afraid then I was with the beastmen.

"Come lets start your training, Take out  your dagger."

The End

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