I slammed my boot down on the creatures head, dragging it through the masses of bone and gore. I closed one eye as the bits of brain splattered it, along with my shirt. I stuck out my bottom lip.

'Jeez. Now I have to go find a dry cleaners.' I huffed, I glared at the bloody carcass, 'that's your fault, that is. No creature alive needs such a big head! Why'd'you have such a big head? Eh?' I asked it, nudging it's beaten shoulder with my boot.

'Is... is it gone now?' The child -whom I'd just managed to shove out of the way in time asked timidly. He was picking some apples from the orchard we were in, when that thing decided it was hungry.

'Yeah,' I smiled, squatting down in front of him, 'what's your name, kid?'

'Myro. Myro Knox.' He mumbled, 'thanks for saving me, sir.'

I chuckled, 'hate to break it to you, Myro. But I'm a "miss".'

'I'm sorry!'

'It's OK,' I shrugged, 'so where'd you live?'

'Nowhere. Mama and Papa are both gone.' Myro murmured, 'they left when I was six. I've been alone two years, miss.'

'Oh dear.' I said with no real sympathy. How d'you think I survived? I was the same age as you when I was left, alone and scared. Deal with it, I made it through and I'm still in one piece. Thats what I should have said to the kid; but I didn't have to heart to do so.

I stared at the kid who was staring at his feet, I sighed and popped open one of the pockets on my pants, presenting the little boy with a chocolate biscuit.

'I may not be healthy, but I find they're good to eat when I'm training.' I grinned, pulling one out for myself and eating it whole. I practically lived on these biscuits, if I didn't train to become stronger as much as I did, I expect I'd become fat. I was already starting to gain weight. I hadn't trained for a few weeks. I'm already short; I don't intend to become short and obese!

'Can I come with you?' He burst out after he had gobbled down his share hungrily.

'No.' Was my instantaneous reply, tears welled up in the little boys eyes.

The guilt quickly began to rise up inside my chest and I couldn't bear to look at the boys pitiful face any longer, 'fine.' I sighed.

'Really?!' His face lit up.

'But only until I deem you able to live in the world by yourself,' I grunted, standing up, 'I'm not going to go easy on you, kid. Harsh training day in day out.'

'Yes, ma'am!' He declared.

I snorted. What the fuck was I going to do with a eight year old wuss of a boy dragging me down? I wasn't going to be going on many more jobs, that's for sure.

The End

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