Cowboys, Katanas, Vampires and Other BeastsMature

In a world were men lay near the bottom of the pecking order but none of the less allowed to flourish for the sake of eating is a struggle, to fight off the hordes that hunt them down.

After cooking for the beastmen I was placed under the knife in the dark cavern. For the last ten years of my life I have been experimented on and been put to slavery by the beastmen. They have changed , I no longer  believe I am human, yet I still feel a deep sadness when I see another human bodied dragged into this hell hole for them to eat, and play with their innards. To this day I do not know why they have kept me alive, but maybe its because I was never human to start with.

Again after 3655 days of imprisonment there was a change today , it wasn't a beastmen kicking the living crap out of me, it was nothing. Today I felt a breeze in the stale, blood soaked air of the cavern, today I smelled a sea breeze. I got up weary of any beastmen that could be waiting around the corner.  There wasn't just the strange guilty feeling that if I'm caught I will really get it. I kept walking forwards the guilty feeling only getting bigger. Fear began to build in my chest but soon upon approaching the meal room I come to see bloodied bodies of the beastmen, filled with bullet wholes sword strokes, missing limbs and even their guts spilling out of their abdomens. What had happened, and how did I not notice this carnage taking place?

I continued to walk to find more dead beastmen and blood. I knew I had been miraculously freed but would I ever fit back into the human world? Do I still look Human? At the entrance of the cavern stood a man wearing two katanas, A duster, the typical cowboy hat, he also carried two revolvers on his waist, and and a rifle on his back, and not to forget a strange sword the length of his body and about seven inches edge to edge.  He turned around quicker than a blind of an eye firing the revolver which I narroly avoided with reflexes that I didn't even know I had.  His cold red eyes met my own, he did not fire another round but instead holstered his revolver, not making a facial expression of any kind.

"Wwwh  o wwwho , who ar ar ar, yu yu yu, you." I manage to say from all the years of being beaten for saying a word. He turned around saying not a word, looking towards a brightening sky.  The beastmen had allowed me outside before but even then the light hurt my eye so much I fell to my knees in pain.

"You don't look like much of a beastman to me." The man in the duster said with a very coarse voice.

"I, I  do n't?" 

He stood quite again for a few seconds before saying," Apart from your left arm and eye, you look like a normal human being, but I have seen people like you, your appearance is human but there is a lot more beastmen inside of you."

"Duh, duh duh, duz th th , that ma make me b b b b be bea beastme?" I ask.

"Depends but the fact your not trying to kill me proves your mind is still human." He replies quickly this time. Before he jumps down out of sight. 

"Wuh wait!" I cry scrambling after him. I look over the egde to see that he had already made down to the beach.  I jumped after him only to tumble down the slope getting battered and bruised just as bad as getting beaten by a beastmen. The red eyed man didn't even stop even though he heard my pain. I didn't let the pain stop me though there was no way I was going to let this man leave without teaching me to protect myself, or at least repaying my debt because he freed me from the beastmen. I ran up beside him not bothering to make any further conversation. For a while he ignored me until we approached a forest.

"Stop following me boy." He said coolly

"Nn o, No."

He pushed me hard against a tree readying a punch.

"Why's that? You think I saved you kid? Well here's the truth. I Kill beastmen because its my job, you just happened to be a poor plaything of theirs that I didn't kill. So you owe nothing to me, so get out of here. Go on."  He said not sounding or looking angry but I could tell he was unhappy with my presence.

"I I, I duh don't care, b buh but I duh don't kn know, hu how, I ca can li liv i in th thi this wuh wuh world, the the wuh way I a a am.  I wuh wuhld probably ge ge get ki ki killed." I tried so hard to talk.

"Not my problem , I could kill you right now and it wouldn't make much of a difference to me. " He said pulling out a razor sharp blade letting it lightly touch my neck.

"I I cuh could he help." I started but I knew I would need more confidence to pull this off," I I could cook, carry things, do whatever you want me to other than leave, and die. I just want to be taught how to live in this world, and protect myself." I say finally without much of a stutter or a problem saying any of the words.

"You willing to go back into dark hell holes like the one you came from? Are you willing to put your life on the line? Do you think you can do everything I tell you without disobeying. Do you think you can do any of that?" He said showing a small amount of emotion on his face. I gulped down whatever fear I had.


"Alright, then first things first, What do I call you? and lets get you something to cover up that eye and arm of yours." He said letting go of me.

"Call me Shogi." I said feeling my body to make sure he hadn't cut me apart.

The End

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