Zara Robinson

"Zara!" yelled my best friend Mel from across the classroom, earning her an evil glare from the teacher who was writing on the whiteboard, probably instructions for the next class to be getting on with.

"Hey Mel," I said, as we met in the middle of the room, "What's up?"

We walked over to the desk in the corner of the room and chuck our school bags on the table before sitting in the corner of the room we always did; aptly nicknamed 'Gossip Corner' by our tutor, Miss Tucker.

"Okay Zara, big, big story to tell you," she paused for effect, "Layla Higgs and a kid called Mike in the year above are going out!"

"Wait," I said, slightly confused, "Layla was going out wi-"

"I know!" Mel squealed with excitement, "He dumped her! You know what that means?!"

I sighed. Layla's ex-boyfriend, Matt, was one of the hottest guys in school, and Mel had had a huge crush on him for years, yet he had gone through many girlfriends without even paying attention to Mel. Yet everytime he was single, Mel would make a plan to get him to notice her.

Mel launched into a carefully thought out plan-of-attack while I daydreamed, nodding occasionally, pretending to pay attention to her. In truth, I had a crush on Matt too, but I could never and would never tell Mel, because she liked him, making him out of bounds.

"And then he HAS to notice me! It can't fail!" Mel finished, finally. "Were you even listening to me? I mean I know it's not hard for you to get his attention! Everyone loves you." Mel pouted and I giggled, she was partly true, it was easy for me to get Matt's attention; he had asked me outon a number of occasions, but I had always been inclined to say no, thinking how soul-destroying it would be to Mel.

We grabbed our bags as soon as we heard the bell sound and rushed off to the bathroom to get ready for lessons; my mum refused to let me wear make-up to school so I always had to put it on before school.

The day seemed to pass really slowly, starting with double maths (yuck) and ending with science, in which we yawned through Mr Ryan's long and drawn out explanations of nerves and synapses.

When the final bell sounded, the class all leapt out of their seats, mostly ignoring Mr Ryan shouting about homework dur for next lesson. "Mel!" I yelled, grabbing her arm, "wait for me!"

I stuffed my pencil case into my bag before slinging it over my shoulder and running out of the classroom. I spent the evening at Mel's house, returning home just before my curfew. As I turned the corner onto my street I noticed that the moving van I had seen this morning still sat on the driveway of the Jones' old house. The house brought back memories of past times, where an eight year old me played with the nine year old Sasha and her six year old brother, Terry. That was all years before Terry was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away in his sleep, leaving a devastated family who had quickly rid themselves of the house, hoping to remove the memories.

The End

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