Caleb Gray

I stepped outside, closing my door with the quietest of clicks so as not to wake the neighbours. The night air was an instant relief on my fevered brow. I had woken again, plagued by images which i could not decipher as dreams or memories.

It was getting harder to tell the difference these days.

I walked quickly, although I was in no hurry. The darkness embraced me like an old friend, welcoming me again to the street and the crispness of midnight. I lost myself in the complexity of the city as I always did, taking corner after corner without making a conscious decision. After a while my hands stopped their frantic rubbing, and my head cleared.

I returned early in the morning, noticing again how my stroll had increased in length and making another of countless promises to curb the habit. As I was walking the final stretch to my door I noticed a moving van parked on the corner of the street. When had they sold that old place?

I really needed to interact more with people.

The End

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