Darrius Witton

I take a deep breath of smoke from my cigarette as I look down the street watching a family all pile into their car. I lean back agains the wall of the apartment building and smile. I wish I could have that someday.

My Dark Blue eyes narrow as I flick away the cigarette putting it out with the front of my boot. I get up and begin down the street not focused on where I'm going. Maybe to the park, I do have a sketch pad with me.

Well, I should be at university but I can't be bothered. I round a corner. "Ouch!" a voice calls out as we collide. I grab the persons hand quickly to stop her from falling over but doesn't stop all the stuff scattering across the floor.

I quickly realise its a girl. "I'm sorry" She says grabbing her books from the ground and straightening up. I smile and her eyes go wide her cheeks flushing. She looks down at her shoes and mumbles 'sorry' again.

"No problem" I say and continue to smile. "Not missed anything?" I ask making her look round so I can look her up and down..... cute.

"Nope. I've got everything. Blimey and I'm already late for my class" She says with a cheerfull laugh. "My name's Helen" She offers her hand and I take it in a shake.

"Darrius" I say. "By class you mean???"

"Oh, its more of a fill in before my classes in science at the university. I just call it class out of habit. Its more of a club for photography and artistic skills" She says blushing and shuffling her foot along the floor.

"So you an artist?" I ask raising an eyebrow. She blushes even more holding her books tighter to her chest and pushing back a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"No just a photographer" She says. I smile.

"I enjoy photography as well. I'm doing a class at university for it.... maybe I can come with you?" I say. Her face brightens and she nods happily.

The End

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