Coping with Normality

No Vampires.
No Werewolves.
Just people.
People in all of their emotional complexity.

This page is a record of everyone's characters in this story. Refer back to it if you're unsure how to write someone else's character into your own chapter. That way no-one gets upset because someone protrayed their character wrong.

Happy writing :)


Name: Caleb

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Interests: Music, Poetry, Art.

Personality: The quiet type, often deep in thought, takes everything seriously. Due to occurences in his past he feels unable to let people into his life easily and because of this he is viewed by many as a loner.  Falls in love too easily, but his trust is difficult to gain. Despite these points his friends see him as loyal, trustworthy and giving. Once won over he is happy and easy to talk to.

Favourites: Prides himself on not having a favourite colour. Listens mostly to alternative music.

Habits: Fiddles with things when he is nervous. Likes to go on late-night walks. Always carries a notebook and pen just incase inspiration strikes.

Looks: Tall and pale. Ever so slightly too-long hair which he is always dying.  Good looking but not in an obvious way. Too skinny for his liking. Has sad-looking eyes, but a stunning smile. Alway weras jeans.


Name: Zara
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Interests: Music and drama
Personality: Friendly, trustworthy, loyal, but a little badass, a flirt
Habits: chews fingernails when nervous
Looks: Thin but not too thin, slightly shorter than average, chocolate-brown eyes, brown hair.


Name: Darrius
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Interests: Photography, Sketching, Science (Mainly about extinct animals), Music (Talented singer and guitar player) and Any type of fighting skill
Personality: While he is smart he has this bad boy personality. He jokes around and usually makes the odd comment that infuriats people, just to have a laugh. He's not unkind and never means to harm. Just a bit cocky. Cares about his friends.
Favourites: ????
Habits: He smokes but not addicted (Could quit anytime and often has), he just likes to have the odd cigarette when the moment rises. Enjoys a good drink. Often looks at the world like a picture and comments randomly about it.
Looks: Short cut spiked up hair, is the colour of the night sky (Blackish colour). His eyes are Blue but are so dark they seem almost black, you can only see the blue when the light shines off them. He has medium tanned skin and well built muscles from various martial arts or boxing classes. He's about 6"1.


Name: Phillip Johnson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Interests: Music (Country singer. Plays guitar and Piano. Writes songs.), good at mechanics (fixes automobiles for a Saturday job) and runs cross county.
Personality: Phil is down to earth and easy going. He has a sleepy, calm attitude but is not lazy. Kinda quiet but easy to warm to. Since migrating from the farm and moving into a busy city, he's a little lost. High School is different to his easy country life at his old school and he is finding it difficult to fit in. Because he is quiet, people mistake him for being shy - which he is not.
Favourites: His favourite color is red.
Habits/flaws: Not great with girls. He finds it difficult to fall in love. The few girlfriends he has had, he treats them like one of his younger sisters (comes from a family of girls) in his way of protecting them and making sure they are okay. Cannot really express himself well. Though he is easy to warm to, he normally keeps to himself outside the farm.
Looks: Medium length blond hair that kinda looks messy but in a sexy way (like Stark from HON - OMG he is so hot!). His eyes are a forest green. He has quite pale skin that tans when he's out working (or working out ;)). He wears baggy clothes that cover his (fiiiine) body - he is well built up but it's hidden until a girl finally gets to finally see it (lol!). Only takes his top off when he is working on cars or when he gets really hot when he's jogging. He's extremely tall.


Name: Tanya Westford

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Interests: Secretly likes to write, likes to meet up with people from her Psyc class and go shopping, but isn't really into the 'latest trends', likes a nice drink (eg. expensive wine, not cheap stuff :P), she could sit at home and watch TV all day if there were programmes that she liked on.

Dislikes: Not really into science or maths, she prefers creative subjects, and things without definite answers. Hates people who think they have the answer to everything in what they do, or who are constantly arrogant.

Personality: Self-concious, she doesn't want to appear too studious to her peers, quite 'sheltered' to new people, but once you get to know her, you can see that she is caring and kind, if a little timid and backward.

Favourites: [Not quite sure what you mean] Likes fast food 'cause it's quick and go for the on-the-go student life she has. Has a bit of a romantic heart when it comes to movies, but likes a bit of action/ adventure too.

Habits: When agitated she rubs her left ring finger (a sort of comforting thing to do with a previous relationship), also tends to run her fingers through her hair for no reason (probably why it is always so ruffled).

Looks: Long dark brown hair, which is quite limp and often tied back, bright green eyes, needs glasses to read (so doesn't read in public often), pretty average height and weight, often wears 1930-40s-eque dresses.


Name: Terra Danchuk

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Interests: Writing, Fashion, Charcoal sketches, Nature, Guitar and weaponry.

Personality: More mature goth. Understands that her outward dress does not require to represent her internal self. If it really did, she'd be changing clothes five times a day, and breaking up would just be THAT much more awkward. Tends to be more nature based about how she does her stuff. Referring to Gaia every now and then. Fairly level headed, snarky and tends to be quite sarcastic.

However, she also has her happy moments too.

Colour: Black
Candy: Gummi Worms
Food: Stir Fry
Book: Replies to this, "Print is dead"
Song: Logical Song by Supertramp
Movie: A Clockwork Orange (more specifically due to the chapter they left out)

* Protective of any potted and soiled plants
* Makes certain the doors are locked
* Tends to make squee and other "OMG! It is soo cute" noises at various creepy crawlies she sees.

Looks: She has two sets of clothing, Day Clothes and Play Clothes

Her Day Clothes are clothes that are appropriate for any job she currently has. Stuff that will not have people staring at her and being weird at her. Mostly just simple skirts, flat coloured shirts and what not. Kept in about as much order as they can be--depending on where she is.

Her Play Clothes usually come on, when the sun goes down--and she can really play. These are done up as black Victorian Era garb. Toned down slightly. She also has a finger cover with a nail that comes out a bit for her right hand on the middle finger. She has two or three outfits she can go between.

As per her physical looks. She is medium build. C Cup--hips match her shoulders and mostly average builds all over. She has shoulder length black hair with blue tipped bangs.

When she is wearing her Play Clothes, she does up the hair into several bands all over her hair--giving her as many "pony tails" as she can.


Name: Dyanna Richards
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Interests: Reading, writing, music (loves to sing and can play guitar) Likes helping people
Personality: Seems shy but is really actually pretty confident, she's just kind of anti-social especially in any situation that has to do with men. Though she doesn't like offering to help someone she'll be quick to help if asked. She recently moved into the neighborhood and is kind of seen as the mysterious one that no one really knows much about.
Favourites: Food: Mexican/spicy Color: All shades of blue and purple and secretly likes pink though you'll never see her buying something pink. Loves accessories (hats, scarves, chunky jewelry and dangly earrings, shoes- especially heels) Addicted to ice cream
Habits: Bites her nails when they get too long so keeps them trimmed down to just below the top of her finger. Tends to sing softly to herself while she's working, forgetting sometimes that there are other people around her. She blushes easily when she's embarrassed and tends to tear up when she's overcome by emotion (extreme excitement, anger, sadness or joy)
Looks: Typically found in a T-shirt and jeans she appreciates style but not neccesarily into it for herself. She almost always has something on her head. She rarely wears makeup partly because she finds it a waste of time and partly because she looks fine without it. She has long brown hair with a couple blonde highlights she typically keeps it pulled back in a ponytail or pulled back in a bun.

The End

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