Daddy? What was she talking about?

Nien literally stopped in her tracks, staring at the little girl. She was completely lost in her own thoughts, but quickly snapped back into reality when she heard a semi honking from her left. She turned and faced the headlights for a few seconds, confused, then pushed herself over into the boulevard.

Nien lay there, catching her breath. By-standers rushed over to her, asking if she was okay, but she didn't respond. She was still in shock. "Somebody, call an ambulance!" She heard one woman yell. "NO!" Nien shouted. The small crowd looked at her, eyes wide. "No, I'm fine.. You don't need to call an ambulance." She stood up and brushed the grass off her pants, then walked away.

You just had to make a scene, didn't you, Nien? Because you don't already attract enought attention. She scolded herself in her mind, as she continued walking to the police station. As important as it was that she get down there, she needed a breather. After all, she almost got hit by a semi and found out that her boyfriend was possibly a father to someone else's child.

Boyfriend? Was he really her boyfriend? Nien thought about it, scared that she thought that of Aaron. Did he consider her his girlfriend?

No. That wasn't important now. Finally, she came face to face with the door to the cop shop. This was it. Reaching for the door handle, her heart began to race. Her forehead was dripping sweat, and her body felt like Jell-O. Why was she so nervous?

Oh my God. It hit her. She was missing, too. Missing from the orphanage. Surely Joe and Madge reported her to the police. She backed away from the door, but she was too late. A cop saw her, and started shouting, "Hey, that's her! The girl from the orphanage!" Soon, multiple cops were running to the door for her.

Nien ran as fast as she could. She couldn't go back. No, not after she'd gotten so far. Not ever. "Hey, Nien! Stop!" She heard one of them yell. When pigs can frickin' fly. She thought, running up a row of stairs connected to a hotel. It was a fire escape. She made her way up to the top of the building.

What was she thinking? There was no way back down. The police started filing up the stairs, coming towards her. "No.." She moaned. Nien was scared. "Nien, stop. We're here to help you." A larger officer said, taking a step towards her. "You're a liar. You're all liars."

"No, no. We want to help you. Let us help you, Nien." He said. Nien scoffed. "You want to know how you can help me?" She didn't wait for a reply. "You can get the hell out of here, and lock Joe and Madge up. Then you can find nice homes for all the other orphans." The men looked at eachother in confusion. "If you can't do that, then.." She looked around, "Then I will jump off the building."

"I don't think you want to do that." The large one spoke again. They ran toward her, but Nien's toes were already reaching the edge. She turned and looked at them once more, "Can you help me?" "Don't jump, Nien!" Another shouted. But it was too late. She had already jumped.

"NIEN!" Someone screamed from below her, as she fell. Or was it two people? She looked down, as much as she hated to do it, to find both Liam and Aaron standing on the ground, right where she would fall.

"Help!" She whispered as she neared the ground, bracing herself for an extreme pain. But when she landed, she felt.. nothing. Was she dead? She opened her eyes and looked up to find Liam, holding her in his arms as he wept.


The End

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