"Nien, wake up!"

A voice said from above Nien, who moaned and turned over. "Nien, come on!" Nien, though her mind was still a bit cloudy from her slumber, recognized the voice as Liam's. She slowly sat up, and met his gaze. "What?" She demanded. "Your boy toy- Aaron-" Kyle interrupted, but Liam elbowed him in the stomach. "Aaron's gone missing." Nien was fully awake now. "What?! How do you know? What happened? What's going on?" Her mind was racing, as was her heart. Where could he have gone?

"I was walking through town, and I passed by a little shop that had TVs in the windows. I sat and watched the news for a bit, something about a missing person, when I realized that it was Aaron." Luce said, her big eyes filled with pity. "Well, was he kidnapped or did he just leave..?" Nien stuttered. She was confused and disappointed- something good finally happened to her, and now it was gone, just like all the other good things. "Well," Liam kneeled down to meet her at eye level, "That's the thing. They don't know. He just.. vanished."



Nien rushed into work, running into her co-workers and trampling over all of their dropped items. When she finally had made it to her desk, her heart sank- Aaron wasn't there. She plopped down in her chair and threw her face in her hands. She wasn't crying- at least, not yet.

"Miss Harvae," Mr. Carter's loud voice boomed. "I suppose that you've heard about Aaron, correct?" Nien looked up at her boss and nodded. "Yes, sir. But.. I don't really understand.." Her voice was small and quiet and frail. "What happened to him?" She finished. He cleared his throat. "Well, this is all anybody knows." He set a newspaper down on her desk, with Aaron's picture under the headline, "YOUNG MAN MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARS AFTER LEAVING FOR WALK".

Nien read through the article hundreds of times. The last anyone had seen him was his neighbor, when he had left to go on a walk, but he had never returned. Her heart stopped. He had been coming to see her. She needed to get to the police. She had talked to Aaron last; she had seen him last. She jumped up from her chair and ran into her boss's office, interrupting a meeting. "Um, I'm really sorry Mr. Carter, I just.. Can I talk to you for a second?" He sighed. "Yes, but only for a second." He apologized to the other people in the room and met Nien in the hallway. "Yes, Nien?"

She took a deep breath. "I need to leave. Now. I was the last person to talk to Aaron, not his neighbor. I need to tell the police, it might help them find him!" She was almost shouting now. Mr. Carter heaved out yet another sigh. "This isn't right; this isn't what I should be doing; this is not how business works. But.. go on. I want you back ASAP. No lollygagging. You let them interrogate you, and when they have what they want, you come back to work, whether it's past your hours or not. Understood?"

"Yes, thank you so much!" She grabbed her coat and ran out the door, on her way to the police station when she saw a young girl, about three or four, resting her tiny hand on the picture of Aaron on a MISSING poster. "Please come home, Daddy." She whispered.

The End

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