Aaron's lips on hers gave Nien a perculiar feeling she had never experienced before. She felt wanted, needed, and she tried to explain that as their lips met.

"Aaron, I... I've never really... felt this way...."

"Me neither." He replied, grasping her hand.

""No... what I mean is I've never been with anyone before..."



"Then I'm glad to be your first experience." He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Now, let me walk you back to work like a real gentleman would."

She smiled and allowed him to do so.

For the rest of the day all she thought about was him. The way he looked at her, the way they kissed... but she had a strange feeling like it was all moving a little fast. Although she felt that she loved him, and he had said he loved her, she was sure things were not supposed to happen like this. So she decided to slow things down in future. If he was serious about loving her, he wouldn't mind.

Besides, he was making her giddy, and distracting her from both her work, and her mission. She had intended, upon being free of the hell hole, that she would begin preparations to bring it down, or release all the other children. However now she felt that there was something else going on, and it was something she wanted to uncover.

After work, she said goodbye to Aaron, and went back to her home. It felt strange calling it that, despite the fact it was the closest she had ever come ot a real home. 

As she crashed in the corner, on the mattress that served as a bed, Luce came up to her.

"Look, I'm sorry I've been playing up. I just... I'm kind of jealous. I've not met anyone since I came out... and neither of the guys are interested."

"I get it." Nein replied, trying to sound comforting.

"So, we're cool?"

"Yeah, we're cool."

The End

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