"You'll Just.. Know."Mature

Nien was furious with her three friends, but she was still dazed from the kiss, so she gave them a dirty look and stepped inside. "What's wrong now, Nien?" Liam asked, taking her coat. "How long were you guys following us for?" They remained silent. Nien scowled. "He only kissed me because you were there."

"It was all Luce's idea- to follow you! Not ours." Liam tattled motioning to himself and Kyle. Nien rolled her eyes and flopped down on the worn green couch where Kyle slept. "I-I'm sorry." Luce mumbled. Nien scoffed. "Whatever, Luce. I'm done with you." Luce frowned and walked away. Kyle followed her as Liam sat next to Nien.

"I'm sure he would've kissed you anyways. He really seems to like you." Nien stared forward, saying nothing. Liam sighed and continued. "I think.. I mean, I know Luce hasn't been nice to you recently, but you have to think about it from her perspective. And, if roles would've been reversed, you'd be just as bloody jealous as she is."

"Maybe, but I wouldn't treat her like she's been treating me." Nien turned to him, and he gazed into her blue eyes with his grey ones. "Well, you're right about that. She's not going about the situation like she should be, but it's Luce- she's never really gone about things the way she should have, hm?" Nien shook her head. Liam sighed and leaned farther back into the couch. "I say you talk to Aaron at work, and plan another date. We'll stay away this time, and if he kisses you again, you'll know." Nien's brow crumpled. "Know what?"

"You'll just.. know." Liam said.


"So, Nien-" Aaron turned in his desk to look at her, "I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk together later. It's s'posed to be nice out." Nien faced him and smiled. "Yeah, sure." They both turned back to their work, but Liam's words rang through her head, keeping her from being able to focus. If he kisses you again, you'll know. You'll just.. know.

Nien glanced at the clock, and immediately popped up from her chair, grabbing her coat and bag. Aaron looked over at her. "Time to go already?" She nodded, and he joined her in standing. They threw on their jackets and laced their fingers together as they walked out the door and started for their walk.

Somehow, they ended up in the park. No one else was there, just Nien, Aaron, and a few scattered birds or squirrels. She looked around at the pink sky and the leaves on the trees softly blowing in the wind. "It's beautiful." Nien whispered, not realizing she had said that aloud. Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. Aaron smiled and looked at her. "Like you." Nien smiled back at him, and before she knew it, she was pulled into an embrace and they were kissing. It was even longer than the first and much, much better. They pulled away for a quick second, noses still touching.

"I love you, Nien." Aaron whispered. "I love you too." Nien whispered back, followed by another kiss.

She now understood what Liam had said. She knew. She just knew.

The End

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