A Night to RememberMature

Nien looked at the menu and didn't recognize any of the meals. It was only to be expected though... she didn't get out too often. Aaron caught on to her indecision and suggested they share a shrimp platter. Nien agreed and after the waiter had brought their drinks, Coke for both of them, they had a moment to talk. Nien looked down at the table, not used to starting conversations, but Aaron didn't hesitate to pick up the slack.

"So. let's get to know each other shall we? What's your favorite color?" Nien thought about it for a moment and decided on orange. Not too girly, but not overly depressing like black or gray. Aaron nodded then smiled,

"Ok now its your turn to ask a question."

Nien laughed.

"Smooth Aaron, very smooth." She told him. A question leapt unbidden to her mind and was out of her mouth before she knew it.

"How many girls have you taken out to dinner?" Aaron looked a bit taken aback, but when he saw Nien's embarrassed face he laughed and said "You're the first." She raised her eyebrows, "You mean someone as handsome as you has only had one date? And for your first one you choose someone like me?" Nien laughed and continued, a twinkle in her eye, "I'd say you have poor choice in women."

Aaron grinned, "If that's what you think I'd say you've never looked in a mirror!" Nien opened her mouth to reply, but the waiter came in at that moment with a platter of steaming shrimp. Dinner was served. Between the two of them they cleaned up the plate. Aaron paid the bill and the two walked out the door.

Aaron hesitantly placed his arm on Nien's shoulder. When she flashed him a smile he relaxed a bit. That's when things started to get interesting. A loud noise came from the alleyway they were walking past, and as they both spun to face it, Nien caught a familiar form racing away. A minute or two later a rock landed in a puddle splashing the two adolescents. Nien glared in the direction from which the rock had come. It was after clothing had been dropped from an overhanging roof that Aaron turned to Nien. She was nervous, were her friends going to ruin the night? Was Aaron going to demand an explanation? Was he going to stop talking to her? Was he goi-

He kissed her.

It was long.

It was good.

It was a challenge to Nien's onlooking friends.

Aaron withdrew leaving Nien standing there, speechless but warm and happy. Aaron flashed her a smile and said "That oughta teach em." Nien looked at him in wonder. Aaron knew that whoever was following them was connected to Nien, and he wasn't afraid to fight back.

The rest of their walk was undisturbed, whether it was because the three had expended their ammo, or the kiss had held them off, Nien didn't know. Aaron left her at her door with one more lingering kiss and a whispered "I had a great time. See you tomorrow?" Nien nodded and Aaron was gone.

Her smile turned into a deep frown, and she opened the door to confront her friends who were waiting for inside, smiling. Nien shrugged off her coat.

They wouldn't be smiling for long.

The End

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