First DateMature

Nien sat at her desk, glancing almost every second at the clock on the wall. Time seemed to slip by slowly, and she could feel Aaron's eyes on her. She gave him a glance and he smiled, automatically making her lips break in to a smile themselves.

Only an hour to go.

When the day had finished, Nien tried to pretend she was not as excited as she was, slowly picking up her jacket and bag before following Aaron out of the office. They walked a couple of blocks, and arrived outside of the cinema, where Aaron bought the tickets for an action film, something that both of them wanted to watch.

As they sat in the film, watching the trailers, Aaron leaned across and whispered in Nien's ear.

"I'm glad you've come out."

She blushed a little at the sound of his honeyed voice, and whispered back that she was glad too.

"Maybe afterwards we can go for dinner?"

"Maybe." She whispered back, aware that she had no funds.

"My treat." He whispered.

"You know you don't have to..." She said.

"A gentleman always pays on the first date." He winked, then settled back as the film came on. Nien smiled and watched too.


"How great was that?" Aaron enthused, taking Nien's hand as they left the cinema. She nodded and tried to get used to the idea of him holding her hand. "You're not a talkative person are you?"

She shook her head to illustrate his point then smiled.

"I never used to smile either." She said.

"Looks like I'm a good influence then." He chuckled. "Your smile is too beautiful to hide away."

She blushed and shoved him gently as they entered a small restraunt for their dinner.

The End

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