Chapter 9Mature

 "..And these are some more restrooms, and this is the manager- Mr. Carter's son Samson's office. Hm.. I think that that's about it. Any questions?" Aaron finished, flashing a bright white smile towards Nien. She couldn't bring herself to speak to the beautiful boy, so she just shook her head. Aaron laughed. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Nien gave Aaron a confused look. He shook his head. "Anyways, I'll bring you back to the secretary's desk, and then Lisa will hand you your work schedule and anything else you might need."

Aaron turned around, leading the way back to the secretary's desk. Nien's heart was pounding in her chest, but she ignored it as best she could. Love isn't worth it- love isn't real. If it was, you would be living with your family in a nice home with lots of friends like any other normal human being. She tried to shake the thought of her family out of her mind, but it was there to stay. Of course she thought about them all the time- who they are, where they are, who she could've been.. The thoughts were lifted from her mind as a burden may be lifted from one's shoulders as Aaron spoke to Nien.

"'Kay, Nien, this is it. I'll see you around." Aaron smiled and waved, but Nien only nodded- she still was to nervous. She watched him walk away, staring in awe. "Hon', close your mouth- you're gonna catch flies. Nien?" Liza spoke behind her, her slight southern twang reminding Nien of Madge. Which reminded her of Joe. Stop it, Nien. Those faggots don't deserve to have you even thinking about them. Nien sucked in what felt like the first breath she'd taken since she had gotten the job, and turned to look at Liza. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Here's your schedule. You start tomorrow at about nine thirty in the morning. See ya then, sweetie." She smiled at Nien, revealing her aging teeth. Nien smiled back at her awkwardly, took the schedule and left. She went back to the building where her friends awaited her return. She entered the room, slouching, head hung low. She could hear her friends give her, "Aw"'s and "Shit, now what are we gonna do?"'s. She then held her head up along with the schedule.

"I got the job. It pays almost nothing, but almost nothing's a lot more than what we got now. Which is exactly nothing. Am I right?" Her friends now crowded around her, reaching for her papers and asking her questions. She ignored them and went to sit in an old, rotting chair in the corner. She pulled her backpack into her lap, and took her laptop out of it. She turned it on, then began to delete most of the 'x' files. She didn't need them anymore, but some of her plans were extremely brilliant, and she wanted to keep them so that she could have them there to remind her of how all her ideas didn't always suck.

"Oh, the 'x' files. I remember those. Why are you deleting them?" Kyle peered over her shoulder. Nien sighed. "Because I don't need them anymore." After she had finished the deletion, she slammed the laptop shut and threw her head in her hands. She was filled with a sudden frustration, but she didn't know why. She could feel Luce's arm wrapped around her.

"Nien, what's the matter?" Nien kept her face covered- now embarrassed for making a scene. "I-I... just everything." Luce tried to pry her hands off her face, but her efforts were worthless. "Stop it, Luce." Nien spoke in a cold, harsh voice- one she only used when she was getting very angry. Liam, Kyle, and Luce all recognized her tone, and left her alone for about 30 minutes before turning back to a still masked Nien.

"Okay, Nien. C'mon now. What could possibly be the problem? You just escaped a living hell, you got a job, you're living here with us.. Why are you so mad?" Liam asked her, his voice cold and harsh as well. Nien shook her head. "If I would tell any of you, I'd tell Luce. She'd be the only one who'd get it. But I'm not telling her anyways. I'll be fine, just give me some time to cool off." She waved them away, and they left her side yet again. At some point, Nien must've fallen asleep, because when she uncovered her face, there was a few streams of light peering into the holes in the curtains that draped over the windows. Next thing she knew, Luce was right next to her, digging into a family sized bag of barbeque chips. "Nien, can you please just tell me at least a little part of why you're so upset? Please?" Luce pleaded with her not only her words, but with her big brown eyes, too. Nien grunted.

"Fine. But that's all you get." She heaved a sigh, then let the words come pouring out. "Well, first of all, I'm just really nervous about Tommy, and where he is. Then, if Joe and Madge," She winced at their names, "Are going to find us. And I've got this new job, and I met this guy, Aaron-" She sat up quickly. "Luce, what time is it?"

Luce glanced at a small watch on her equally small wrist. "Relax, it's only 7:30." Nien sighed, and leaned back in the chair. "But.. who's this Aaron guy?"



The End

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