A New JobMature

Nien was a bit nervous. She would start working today if she got the job. She wasn't usually this concerned about things, but it wasn't just her anymore. She had a... well a family to look out for. She walked into the building and approached the receptionist.

"Hi. My name is Nien... I'm here to see Mr. Carter?" The receptionist shuffled a few pages, checked a schedule, and nodded.

"Yes that's right dear. Have a seat, and he will be with you shortly."

Nien nodded her thanks and choose the seat closest to the door. Three minutes later Mr. Carter came out. Nien liked him, he was a refreshing change from Joe and Madge. He was happy, kind, and didn't beat her.

"Ah Nien! It's good to see you! Come with me please." Nien tried to figure out what this meant. If she hadn't gotten the job would he bring her in? Would he have just dismissed her? She pushed the thoughts away from her head as Mr. Carter led her into his office. He motioned for her to sit down, and then took a seat himself.

"I'm not quite sure how to word this." Mr. Carter began somberly, and Nien's heart fell.

"Congratulations!" Her head shot up, and she saw Mr. Carter smiling trying to hold in laugh. He had been teasing her. Nien's look of horror and sadness melted into a smile and she began to laugh as well. "Thank you sir!" She exclaimed and pinched herself to make sure it was real.

It was.

Mr. Carter pushed a button on his desk and said, "Please send in Aaron to show Ms. Nien around." An affirmative came through the speaker and Nien's new boss turned back to her. "Aaron is going to show you your duties, and once he is done you can get right to work." Nien nodded and eagerly awaited Aaron's arrival.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

The door slowly opened and Nien gave a little gasp. She hadn't seen many boys in her life, but she had seen enough to know that this one was pretty good looking. He had sandy blonde hair, very white teeth, a cute smile, and absolutely beautiful eyes. Mr. Carter was looking at her expectantly and she shook her head to clear her mind then asked "Could you say that again please?" Mr. carter smiled and said "If you are all set you may go with Aaron." Nien nodded, trying not to look at her new guide, and she stood.

"Thank you Mr. Carter." She said, then turned and followed Aaron out the door."

The End

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