Have you ever wanted to take over the world??? Me too!!!

"I tell you, we could do so much better,"

"How in the world will we take over though?"

"We start with the small countries, moving bigger and more powerful as we go. I have enough money to keep all of Africa alive for a year. My dad lef me his fourtune and my mom left me hers and my grandparents left it to them, so, I say lets do it!"

"You should really breathe when you tell me how to take over the world. You really think we can do it?"

"We can. I say lets do it!"

" I can't believeI am saying this, but as long as we don't get cought, I see nothing wrong with this. Okay, Okay. I will do it, Kalinda. But you have to promise that we won't get cought."

"We won't get cought, 'cause we have you as our costume designer."

"Who else are you planningon letting in?"

"Well, I was going to invite The Club,Since it doesn't seem they would be against this sort of thing."

"And where will this all take place?"

"I have already purhased about five islands in all the oceans of the world. Those will serve as our bases until we begin."

"Well, Let's go. I need fare for a taxi to go pack my stuff up."

"You can stay here until we leave, if you want?"

The End

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