Conscience - (Short Version)

What a contradiction I am. How many thousands of years of scientific, theological, medical, and ethical advances has our species gone through only for it to land on my shoulders...and I killed it. All those thousands of years of trial and error, all those good honourable people who were trying to better mankind by their research. Then I came along, standing on the shoulders of geniuses on the ideas and research of those good men and women, and did this?


For what?


This was never my war. I had always known that. The Resistance were trying to overthrow the most corrupt and savage government since the Nazi’s, and how could I blame them? Genocide, war, genetic testing, public executions, slavery, its headquarters so corrupted by evil tyrants that I often expected to walk into that building and see Lucifer himself sitting in one of the stone thrones. But yet I chose to work for them? Was I mad? Was I that deluded that I actually believed what they told me? “Do this Doctor! With the Resistance destroyed we’ll live peacefully.” They said. “No need for any of this violence anymore.” They said. Lies! Every last word out of their tyrannical dictating mouths!


But I realised that far too late.


But work for them I did, I am the best in the world at this...although to admit that causes me more pain than anything else. I’m a weapon as much as those guns they carry, but I’m far worse. I’m a weapon that thinks. And think I did. “How do we destroy the Resistance without the people of Ark knowing we destroyed them?” The answer was obvious. Biological warfare. A viral pathogen that would kill and spread quickly over land, in the air, over the seas! Kill every living thing. Create a sterile garden world. Brilliant. So that’s what they did, spent millions of credits, thousands of man hours, hundreds of test subjects, until one day...Eureka. I, in one of my very dangerous strokes of genius, had even made the virus resistance to all forms of medicine and treatments, even built it to only survive in humans.


Some called me a hero, a genius even.


I’m no genius. I’m a murderer. A butcher. An executioner. I took an oath, the help! Not murder! Not kill millions of people. Innocent people...women...children...I broke my oath. So I say again. What a contradiction I am. The Doctor who killed millions, who killed with medicine. The very tool the ancient ancestors created to help people.


I’m a disgrace to their memory. I tried in vain over the years to try and find some measure of peace after what I did. Some form of forgiveness, or retribution. But this is the only retribution I can give. To let the people of Ark know, that I am sorry for what I did. And that I soon will pay for my crimes.

The End

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