Prisoner A3791


Devin slowly came to, his eye lids fluttering. When he was finally able to life his head, that seemed to weigh a ton, everything in the cold, dark room was fuzzy. Devin tried to lift his hands but quickly realized  that they were shackled to the uncomfortable chair he  was sitting in. 

"Hello," a masked voice echoed from an unseen speaker system. Devin looked around, blinking to clear his vision. 

"Who are you? Where am I?" Devin asked, a slight haze resounding in his voice.

"Quiet! I shall be asking the questions!" The voice yelled, a bright white fluorescent light blazed on above Devin. He blinked slowly as finally his vision cleared. The room surrounding him resembled a neglected bathroom with a vault door. Excess water leaked about the room  and the barley audible sound of dripping liquid screamed in his ears. 

"Your name is Devin Mathis, correct?" the voice asked. Devin didn't answer. A sharp pain struck the back of Devin's head. 

"AAAaarrrgggghhh... yes." Devin yelled breathlessly. 

"Why were you sent to Celinatz?" The voice grew increasingly agitated. Again the pain blasted the back of Devlin's skull. 

"AAAaahhh...Ok...ok...I was sent to the city to perform a covert op." Devin conceded. A shadowy figure appeared in front of Devin. 

"Why were you there?!" He almost screamed. Devlin was about to answer when a night stick struck his shin, causing him to lurch in pain. The night stick struck five more times before Devin could find his voice. 

"STOP...stop! I was sent to assassinate the President!" Devin yelled, to the grin of his Captors. 

The End

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