To write or not to write


Late at night, there was a tapping going on in my quiet, dark room. It was dark, except for a light lamp that stood on my table, overseeing my empty page. My sharpened pencil was impatiently tapping on my writing desk. My hand holding my chin from slamming the desk, I was sleepy, but I forced my tired brain to come up with a creative story. Coming up with a story was an impossible task, especially this late, but my readers wanted more from me.

            My readers thirsted for more of my novels, their insatiable desire for more blood-quickening stories. If it was not for them I would not need to create and nurtured a protagonist character. Loving him/her/it and developing the circumstances and experiences that shapes him/her/it personality. I would need not destroy their happiness nor create trouble to their otherwise ordinary life if I were to create a villain. I would not burden my mind with the creation of more characters, shaping them, and giving them a reason to exist so that my protagonist could interact with them in some way.  

            I would not need to choose an appropriate place and time period to place my story, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the place and time. I would not need to do extended and exhausting investigations of the site to get a clear idea of the development of the events. If the place was fiction, I would not need to created funny and original names for the places, nor invent strange vegetation and animals to adorn my "magical kingdom".

            As to the plot, I would not need to ask myself every day, "Is my plot making sense so far?" I would not worry myself to death making sure every single detail is in place and whether or not it has correlation with the ideas and values I want to bring forth with my story. Most importantly, I would not need to rush to a dictionary to know the meaning of an amazingly long word I want to use and if it is used correctly, and ask my editor to revise my work and search for some spelling and grammar mistakes. My social life would not suffer, either (as if I had one ;)).

            I would not need to keep in mind to always engage my audience and leave them wanting more. All of this would happen if I decided not to write a single novel or story, but if I decided to write it, I would still be in my room holding my chin trying to come up with a new story, the incessant tap-tap-tap resounding in my ear.


Author's note: of course, with no doubt I know that every author will go through all "these troubles" to write a story. After all, a writer is a writer. Except for the audience (me), because "I would rather write for myself and forget about the audience, than write for the audience and forget about myself".   

The End

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