The Berber Carpet

 So, there I was just sitting on the living room floor - it had recently had a new carpet put in. The best, Berber and coffee coloured, it felt good as I walked across it – so soft and fluffy. For one moment in my life I felt relaxed and important, instead of always moving around looking for new places to rest and be alone. My family were in the other room – my children were all I had and I did the best I could by them. Just being in a different room to them now was worrying, I wanted to check if they were okay but I just felt so free.

Today was just like any other day for me, except today I had the new carpet to sit on and I loved it. I wanted to stay here forever but I thought I should go back to my children. So I started to walk across the floor back the way I came - slowly, just to relish the feeling of the carpet.

A shadow came over me so I stopped and stood there as still as death, I didn’t want to breath, I didn’t know what was happening. The shadow got darker and suddenly the whole room was out of sight, all I could see was a bright light. All went white and the earth started to move, I felt like I was floating through the air. I moved as much as I could, wriggling. I didn’t know what else to do. The world was closing in on me and I didn’t know why or how to get away.

Everything went freezing cold and the white cage was gone, I didn’t know where I was, I was confused and scared. I needed to find my way back to the security of the carpet and to my kids. I ran around for a while trying to find somewhere I recognised, I saw a light a so I walked towards it. I found a way into the lit room and warmth rushed over me. I vaguely recognised where I was, I had been here before, I knew I had. I began my search to find out where I had been taken to.

I wasn’t sure how long it was until once again a shadow engulfed me, I was scared and started to run as fast as I could to try and hide. I waited for the bright white bubble to capture me again but it never did. So I crept out of my hiding place and I was just about to start my search up again when I felt a pressure on my back and a searing pain went through me. My kids…

Her children were left to fend for themselves after her death.

They never knew what happened, one day she simply left and never came back. They got no news about her. After all, she was only a spider.

The End

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