Contradiction: The story I would never write.

Have you ever gotten an idea for a story and thought "That's not something I'd write about" or "It's just not my style"? Well now is your chance to write that story!


The night was not tonight, yet I could not say that it was a cold October night in 1789. It was not a dark night on a tightly housed alley in London, with fog rolling in from the docks, carrying the sea side smells with it. Through the fog you could not see ghostly shapes of four mast ships docked at the pier and hear the silent lapping of water against wood.

The moon was not a translucent orb that night, with only a sliver of it shining. There was no dark figure that emerged from the fog and out onto the alley, an air of sinister sorcery about him. He was not watched by the protagonist for she did not wake in time to see him. Not feeling her eyes on him he would not look up at her. They would not share a dramatic stare, involving a detailed description of his supernatural eyes. The stare would not haunt the young child until she was a young woman working as a chamber maid for the Governors daughter when she would not see him again.

She would then have no reason to bother listening in on the conversations held in private between the Governor and the sorcerer, therefore never doing so. He would not be her childhood nightmare, so she would not be always lurking around his room, in the guise of cleaning it, to find out more about him.

Since she would not frequent his chamber she would not catch his eye with her simple beauty and he would not try to seduce her for malevolent reasons.

Not learning that she knew so much about him the sorcerer would not dare to kill her as she rode home in one of servant carriages. Therefore she could not be saved from a helpless magical death by two brothers Samuel and Dean Winchester. She would not learn that they were hunters of the supernatural and that they had been hunting the sorcerer since the death of their father.

With no fear for her life the brothers would not bring the young protagonist under their protection. She would not fall in love with sensitive Samuel as they would not hunt out and kill the sorcerer together.

The girl would not then show Dean where the sorcerer hid his special belongings. Dean would never find the sorcerers journal which explained his mother's death and contained a line stating that Samuel was the sorcerers son. Dean would not burn those pages before showing Samuel the journal.

Then we never find out the answers to all the questions of the story's plot that the mysterious journal would unveil.

Samuel wouldn't mistake his brothers distress over finding out the truth for frustration of not finding the truth and would not try to comfort Dean.

Samuel and the protagonist would not get married nor would they share a kiss as the bridal ship sailed away. The story would not end as Dean would not be a lone hunter. He would have no desire to watch the fading ship as it would not be carrying his brother and bride. It would not occur to him to hope that he'd never be summoned to hunt his brother since he had not just hunted the sorcerer.

The End

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