Continental Times, June 09

A fictional background article to help me understand character motivation and the society of her world.


His hair shines like the midnight gossamer; hers carries the hue more of the path beneath our feet. He learnt that Latin ways from youth; from the Masters genealogy records, this reporter found that she, although educated so, failed her initial Latin Trial.

And yet, the bizarre news was announced yesterday: Phillip Costello, second-youngest of the acclaimed Costello family, is to wed Aidelle Masters.

One wonders what exactly he has seen in the offshoot of Masters name, of a family whose interests have, for at least a century, not partaken in any war effort. Reginald Masters gained a secondary education from The Physics Institute, with a focus on the average gravity exerted on landmass and populace. He is an executive of The Institute. Since completing his education, he has married synthetic Deanna Cliff, a name which certainly lifts no eyebrows.

It is logical, then, to suggest that Aidelle is tainted by lower-class blood. Are Dr. and Mrs. Costello allowing this kind of pedigree to muddy their DNA now? Recent studies by the Society of Geneticists have suggested that one’s mental capacity for knowledge, as well as one’s physical capacity for power state-holding, is well hindered by impure genes.

After the successful matches of the eldest two Costello brothers, one wonders why the Masters have been allowed to raise their tackle over their weight. Indeed, dowry should at least be given – beyond that of a created musical instrument, as the rumours go.

I protest – do they expect a change of status to be so easy?


If She Were Fit For Wife

One might make an exception for a child of basic parents – had she herself shown greater command of her own self. As it is, the unfortunate Phillip (of course, all reports make this choice his own, and indeed that state would suit the Costellos) has engaged himself to the least appetising of femmes.

Aidelle gave up her looks in youth. With three elder sisters of beauty, the girl leapt out of the wrong pot and followed her brother’s carved appearance. If only she had followed his mental endurance. Instead, Aidelle has been spotted watching the sky at night – a task, remember, of those taken by Astrophysics. An amiable education for some, Aidelle has made this into a feast for the eyes, and a blank-white excuse away from her fitness as a wife.

When asked about her sister’s interests, Mariene Masters admitted, “she does a lot of counting stuff, as if she wants to add up all the price-labels of all the shops. She used to talk about the space above our world, too. Stitch-work was fumbled by a drifting mind.”

Indeed. So how has a wistful child found her way into the arms of the Pages tenth top bachelor of the year? That is the question.


What were Dr. and Mrs. Costello thinking when they slipped this one through the nets and into Phillip’s basket? Less us not hold than misdemeanour over their heads, for, clearly, they have been led astray by a conniving family.

The End

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