Confessions of a Witch

They say it's fairly common in our family. Only the females get it. And it's only one woman per generation. My mother calls me a witch jokingly whenever I tell her it happened again. But she never takes it seriously. I do. 

I think I might be a psychic.

No, not those people who wear turbans and offer to read your tarot cards and they just end up with a lot of your money in their pockets. You could ask me what is going to happen to you in five seconds and I couldn't tell you. I only get visions in my dreams. 

In my dreams, I have spoken to dear family friends, saying they want to see me again, only to wake up and have my mother tell me that they're expecting their first child. 

I see my godfather choking on something in my dreams, and I wake up to hear he has been rushed to the hospital and has had a tumor the size of a football removed from his lungs.

In my dreams I see my beloved aunt holding my hand, growing wings, and whispering "Goodbye" to me before flying into the open air without a sound. The next day I am told she lost her battle with brain cancer. 

My great grandmother was the first to have it. She had dreams of my grandfather, slowly becoming more and more transparent over the course of the dream. The next morning, my grandfather had died. He was young, my mother was just six years old at the time of his death. 

Then there's my great aunt. She had a nightmare that her son had gotten his girlfriend pregnant and she woke up and called him, asking him if she was all right. Her son lied to her, saying it was. But what she had predicted was absolutely right, and he had just chosen not to tell her. 

There isn't anyone from the previous generation, at least not to my knowledge. I am avidly searching but to no avail. 

And then there's me. I can't even talk to anyone about this strange phenomena. My great grandmother died two years ago. My great aunt is in the hospital with pancreatic cancer. She has six months to live. I don't want her to die for selfish reasons. Once she is gone, I will be the only "witch" left in my family. And I don't know what to do. 

Every time I see someone I know in my dreams, and they're in pain, I need to call them and make sure everything is okay. How will I be able to distinguish these dreams from reality? I often don't see anything or anyone in my dreams. But when I do, and they're in pain, I am terrified to wake up, because I don't know what horrible news will greet me when I'm awake. 

And now I wait for the day that I dream of my great aunt's pain. Because on that day, I know that I will be the last one. And I don't understand what any of it means. 

The End

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