A Psycho's Awakening

Four months ago, around the beginning May.  That was the first time.

Let me rewind a bit, and take myself back to the wonderful Internet.  Here, I learned of the strange phenomenon known as lucid dreaming.  It was a strange concept to me, and curiously, I wanted to see what it was all about.  I tried remembering the dreams that stuck with me forever, the ones I remembered from my childhood.  I wanted to see if I had done it accidently in the past, or rather, unconsciously.  Since my memories were blurry from so long ago, I don't remember.

I always had a strange ability to remember every dream I have, or at least, most.  There were some that never truly stood out to me, but somehow I still remember to this day.  After discovering lucid dreaming, naturally I wanted to try it for myself.  A month later, my first time lucid dreaming occurred.

I was going to visit my brother in college, and I decided to sleep in the car while they were grocery shopping.  I woke up in the car, in the parking lot of a Home Depot.  I don't recall there ever being a reason for us going to Home Depot.

I looked at my phone, seeing an excessive amount of messages.  I read them all and realized my friends would never say any of what they were saying (it's best if I don't repeat  it).  Something didn't match up in my head.  Why were we at Home Depot when we were going to the grocery store?  Why are my friends saying these weird things?  Then I asked myself, Am I awake?

I pinched my eyes shut with my eyelids, as I always do whenever I want a dream to end (a skill I've mastered at this point) in order to see if I truly was dreaming.  Never had a landscape been this real to me.  It seemed like reality, but it wasn't.

My eyes open, and I'm in the car that I woke up in before.  This time, I was at the grocery store.  Something still didn't feel right to me though.  I'm not awake, I told myself.  I closed my eyes again.

I opened them, this time, I was standing on a bridge.

The bridge was a familiar one, as it connected two neighboring cities adjacent to my hometown.  However, one of the cities was missing.  It was replaced by an island.  The island's sand was oddly colored to match a sunset, and upon admiring its beauty, the bridge collapsed.

However, I did not plummet to my death.  Instead, I levitated over the ruins, and flew towards the island.

I woke up mid-flight.  My first lucid dream.  They continued, and I kept track.  I'm at around 5 lucid dreams per month, and some of them, through interpretation and help of the aforementioned Internet, have shown me pieces of myself that I was not aware of.

I felt different after that day, like I was observing everything around me.  I started asking myself so many questions about everyone and everything I came across.  There was a strange appreciation and truth that I could decipher within the people around me, but I could also see through them, like an open book.

So this is what it's like to be awake, I told myself.  Either that, or I'm just bat s*** crazy.

The End

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