The Person I've Become

Losing myself in the person I’ve become.

This isn’t who I’m supposed to be.

This doesn’t feel like home.

For so long I’ve been kidding myself

That it will go back to how it was.

But this is not my self.

All my time spent alone

When I could only find myself in others.

My heart turned to stone.

I was wrong.

And now she’s lost.

Forever gone.

I stayed here for fear of change,

But inevitably,

All there was, was change.

I don’t recognise the mirror anymore.

I can’t see what makes me, me.

I’ve laid it out on the floor,

Tried to find what summed up the whole.

But the pieces are broken and scratched;

The move has taken its toll

I can’t get back to her,

I can’t go on from here.

I’m just a writer who has lost her character.

The End

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