I Dream For You

The dreams in which I see you

Seem more real than waking life.

It never occurs to me that you shouldn’t be there,

You just fit so well.

We do all the things that we never got to do.

I say things that I always wanted to.

You know what’s right and where I should go

But it’s hard to listen sometimes.

That’s when I convince myself your wrong.

But you never are.

We always seem to be on a journey with a nasty end.

You always drag me forward and look at me with pity in your eyes

But I don’t want to go.

I want to stay where I am.

Change hurts, but inaction is numbing.

It’s not fear that stops me;

It’s knowing what is at the end of the road.

Knowing that you are not.

These dreams are less frequent now

They are losing their grip on me

And I am losing my grip on you.

I don’t have you to guide me anymore.

I wish I had listened more closely to what you had to say.

I wish the pity would leave your eyes and make room for pride.

I dream for you.

The End

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