I push to get back to where I started

I know what it feels like to be broken hearted

There's nothing worse than not trusting yourself

There's nothing harder than asking for help

So struggle on, I must and I do

If only I could be like you

So sure and strong and knowing all

All I seem to do is fall

I try to keep up and be enough

But I'm not enough, I'm never enough

So easily changed, so pliable

So easily used, reliable

But you never change, you would never compromise

I must seem so weak seen through your eyes

Should I end this now because I know it's not real?

We both know we're waiting for the surface to peel

Back and reveal what we really want

Because we know it's not each other, sitting in this old haunt

But we sit and we wait and say I love you

Too bad we can't feel it, though I gaze towards you

It's easier to decay slowly 

Than to shatter wholly 

The End

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