Let Me Go

I want to go home tonight

Back when things mattered and people cared

I want to feel like part of a family again

Like there's a reason for everything 

I want to walk miles just to find time by myself

I want to feel safe at night

Like someone's watching over me

I want someone to take care of me when I'm sick

I can't remember the last time someone asked me to smile

Just because

I want someone to ask where I'm  going and when I'll be back

I can't recall the last time someone worried about me

I can't face the truth

That I am to blame for this broken home

That things would be easier if I weren't here

I wish I weren't so helpless, yet seen to be so strong

I want to go home tonight 

Back  to where an embrace was all I needed

When a kiss could mend my broken heart

I want to go home tonight 

No matter what it takes

I want to feel 


More than this 

I want to be 


More than this

I want to go home tonight

Let me go


The End

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