Let Me Be Free

Please, let me be free

Take these chains and tear them from me

Release me from your eyes 

Save me from your lie

Did I make it too easy for you to stay?

Can you be honest just for today?

Was it ever more than what it feels like now?

Did I bring it on myself somehow?

I want to hate you like I did at the start

But your shards of pain are lodged in  this heart

I wish I could forget the moments, not care

If only you were never there

Please, set me free, let me go

If you asked me again, could I say no?

Is it wrong to wish that it never took place?

The tears in my eyes, that look on your face

If it's okay with you, I'll pretend you never were

I'll pretend we were never the perfect pair

You can pretend that I never got hurt

No more looks, no more handshakes, not even a word

The End

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