Stephanie is a rich girl, theres no other way to put. But she hates this life, she wants to be normal. She hates all the balls, the banquets, and the coming out parties. But this year is the ultimate party. The final Debutante ball, and the most important, her parents are insisting she marry the escort that they choose for this year. But she hates him, like really despises him. Not only is he rich, influential, and the most wanted boy in the country, but he's the Crown Prince, and used to be her

“What do you think about this one honey,” my mom asked me, I looked over at the dress she was holding, it was a puffy pale pink, knee length dress, “Maybe not mom.” I told her, and turned back to the rail of dresses I was looking at, I picked one out. “Hey mom, what about this one,” she turned from the girly dresses that she was cooing over and looked over at mine, I already knew that she would say no, but I might as well try, it was a black dress that was a few inches above the knee, it was strapless and sparkly. My mom grimaced, “Honey, this is the banquet where you meet the escort for the final debutante, there are going to be lots of potential husbands there, but if you dress like that then no-one would want to go with you.” I groaned and put it back. I went over to the rail that she was standing next to and looked at the dresses. I picked on up, it was a dark blue dress with thin straps and a ruffled skirt about an inch above the knee, “How about this one?” I asked her, sighing, “Oh, that ones very nice,” she then walked around the store picking out jewelry, and shoes. She picked up a heavy silver necklace, a pair of dainty silver earrings, a pair of black heels and a black cardigan. “Now you can’t say that I chose everything.”, she told me as she bought, I nodded and walked out of the store, and was immediately blinded by the bright camera flashes. I put my hand over my eyes and let myself be guided to my car by my families butler, Timothy. When I finally got into the car I let myself relax into the seat. Being the only child of the worlds most successful stock-broker, and one of the most famous actresses/singers had it’s downsides; the parties, the paparazzi, the attention... pretty much everything about it suck actually. My mom slid in next to me and slid her sunglasses to the top of her head. She picked up her phone and dialed a number, “Hello, Kenneth, you said no-one knew we were there.”

“We were just bombarded by cameras.”

Okay, just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

I looked out the one way windows thinking about tonight, there were going to be ten young men there with their families, one of them is going to be royalty, according to my parents. I tugged on the hem of my black sweater, I had pulled it so much in the past four hours that it was hanging a little over my black jeans. 

When we finally pulled up into our driveway I ran straight out of the car, over the gravel drive and up the marble stairs to my room. I fell back on to my bed and closed my eyes.

After only five minutes I heard a knock on my door. “Honey, I have your dress, you have to be ready in an hour and a half. I opened my eyes and looked over at my alarm clock. 6:15, the party starts in an hour, but of course my parents were making me come down a half hour later. I opened the door and took the dress from my mother. I went into my bathroom and started to get my self ready. I curled the front strands of my brown hair and pulled them back with a few silver clips set with a few low carat diamonds. I brushed a little dark blue eyeshadow on, with a little pink blush and red lipgloss. I put on my dress, shoe and jewelry  and just before I went down stairs I put on the cardigan. I walked down the stairs and saw a familiar pair of brown eyes meeting with my dark blue ones. I gasped, “Ricky?”

The End

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