Sapphire : The PartyMature

As we stepped out into the starry night, I glanced sideways at Mirry. She looked fabulous in her sequined dress and her legs looked a mile long because of the tights and the heels. For a moment I wished I were as skinny as her, or as bold. In fact I had been envying her since we had begun to shed our childishness and had stepped into womanhood. I had always felt that my body was too full and my height too intimidating to be called perfect. Most of the boys in our class barely reached my shoulders. Except Alex, of course. 

As Mirry held out her arm and tried to flag a cab, I waited on the sidewalk, thinking about us. Me and Mirry. Best friends forever. Or rather BFFs, the fancy term that is all the rage nowadays. We had been going to the same schools since we had been toddlers. And now, in our senior year, we would graduate from the same school as well. Having shared my saddest as well as happiest moments with her, I felt like she was the sister I never had. It was only in some rare moments of insecurity that the pangs of jealousy scorched my heart. Like now.

I looked down at my own attire and felt like I had been too modest and conservative. My emerald green sleeveless dress reached down to my knees and its neckline wasn't revealing in the slightest. Actually it was something that my Mom had picked out for me when she had last been to the mall. I wasn't wearing any jewelery except a silver bracelet on my right wrist and a diamond ring on the index finger of my right hand. The ring was my Gran's and she had given it to me a couple of years back as a birthday present. It was something that I never took off. 

My hair was tied back on top of my head and a few tendrils had managed to escape from captivity which irritated me no end. To be honest, I had very few feminine bones in my body and I hardly knew how to dress to impress the opposite sex. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I lived in a house where there were more men than women.

But tonight I had tried. I had taken Mom's help to line my eyes with kohl and had also applied a shimmery lip stain. My hand had wobbled all through the make-up ritual and it had taken two botched up attempts on my part and a successful one from my Mom to finally get me going. Even she could not stop grinning over my distress and had teased me about the 'special boy' I was getting dolled up for. If only she knew how impossibly high I was aiming, I thought to myself with a grimace. Alex is so out of my league. He'll barely look at me amidst all those cheerleaders, especially with Cassie around. 

Suddenly I was shaken out of my reverie by Mirry who jumped into the cab and yelled at me, "Sapphire, can you drag your behind in here now?" I shook my head and crouched in beside her. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that at least tonight Alex would notice me and remember my name.

The End

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