Mirry: Who's that?Mature

Sapphire came and told me that she was taking Alex home.

I snorted. "Who's being outrageous now?" I asked.

"Mirry, he's really drunk - he needs help."

"Go tell Cassie. You don't want to be accused of cheating on him, do you?"

"Well, no, but Cassie will be surrounded by her cheerleader pack. And I swear they bite."

I shrugged. "Fine then. But if Cassie finds out, those girls are going to do way more than just bite."

Sapphire looked a little worried but determinedly walked out.

Still annoyed at her, I was in the mindset that anything that happened to her tonight or as a consequence was her own fault and not my problem.


I was moving round the room, flirting a little with all the guys, making them weak inside with my gorgeous looks and poisonous words, when suddenly one in particular caught my eye.

He was tall with a stunningly handsome face: pale, sharp features, hair of some dark colour that looked black under the disco  lights and eyes that were a surprisingly dark shade of brown. I gazed, unnoticed by him, into them and felt like I was falling through a black hole - a surprisingly agreeable sensation. He looked as if he had just wandered out of a film set and I swear my heart spontaneously combusted.

That was someone I had to speak to. That was one guy (other than Alex) who I actually wanted.

The End

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