Mirry: ImpatienceMature

Why was Sapphire taking so long in the bathroom? I was missing the opportunity to dance to all my favourite songs. Impatiently I went to the ladies' room. Inside I was shocked to find Alex Dumont. Sapphire was watching him carefully.

"What are you doing in the girls' bathroom?" I shouted indignantly.

Sapphire looked up. "Mirry? Don't shout at him - he's really drunk. He doesn't know what he's doing."

"I don't care - he shouldn't be in a girls' bathroom."

"Mirry - this is Alex Dumont we're talking about! I think we can make allowances."

I was still angry at having to sit around, waiting for her, and I shook my head. "Get out."

Alex looked at me. I suddenly felt weak inside.

"Of course, you're right. I do apologise."

And out he staggered.

Sapphire glared at me before storming out after him. Well, serves her right. She shouldn't have kept me waiting. I walked out proudly and went back to join the dancers, not caring that Sapphire wasn't with me anymore.

The End

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