Sapphire : He Knows My NameMature

"You want a sprite? I'm heading to the bar to get another one for myself", I leaned over towards Mirry and said in a loud voice. The music was making it very difficult for us to carry on any sort of conversation and I had to strain my ears to hear Mirry's reply. "I think I'll have one as well. You sure you wanna go up there alone?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I have to use the washroom anyways. See you in a bit." I got up from the corner and headed towards the dance floor which I had to walk across to reach the washrooms. Sweaty bodies crowded the floor and swung to the jarring beats of music. I dodged a few bulky guys gyrating with the typical cheerleader-type girls, and nearly ran into a couple of girls at the edge of the floor. Excusing myself, I turned towards the neon signs indicating the ladies' room and elbowed open the door. 

Finding it deserted, I took a deep breath. I didn't like parties or crowds and it was with a sigh of relief that I splashed water on my warm face. Suddenly, the door to the washroom swung inside with a bang and I jumped back. 

My eyes widened and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Drunk and dizzy, Alex Dumont crashed against the wall inside the washroom and collapsed on the tiled floor. Approaching him hesitantly, I went to stand near him. Not knowing what to do next, I crouched beside his crumpled form and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Alex...Uhmm...Are you alright?"


"Do you want water or something? Or maybe an aspirin?" My voice quivered as I looked at his pale face and reddish eyes.

"I'm fine. I mean..Oh! Dammit, my eyes are burning up. Could you get me some water please? Or maybe help me up so I can wash my eyes? You are Sapphire, right?"

"Yeah yeah, you got that right. I'll help you up. Here, take my hand."

Seeing my outstretched hand, he grimaced a little as if trying to smile or maybe mock at my puny effort and said in a painful whisper, "I doubt that your hand would be able to support me."

"Oh! Sorry. Here, lean on me a little." I bent my torso towards him and helped him stand up. Leaning on my shoulder and then taking the support of the first basin on our right, Alex tried to balance himself. Holding his head with one hand and my shoulder with the other, he stood still for nearly a minute. I knew how much time had passed because I couldn't help but feel every second tick by when Alex was this close to me. 

I had never noticed this before, but Alex had freckles on the bridge of his nose. Really pretty ones, actually. His skin was pale and clammy at the moment, but it was completely flawless aside from the freckles. His thick head of hair was tempting me to rake my fingers through it and his musky scent was making me veritably dizzy.

And then, suddenly and out of nowhere, it struck me like a bolt of lightning. He knew my name.

The End

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