Mirry: DancingMature

We stepped into the disco hall and put our presents for Matt, the guy who had organised the disco for his eighteenth birthday, on a table in the part of the building you walked through to get to the disco area.

We walked in to find we had arrived at exactly the right time. It wasn't so early that people were standing around chatting to each other rather than dancing but it was early enough that we had hours ahead of us to spend entertaining ourselves.

I pulled Sapphire into the main crowd of dancing teenagers - she was way too inhibited sometimes - and joined in, grinning inside at the appraising looks the guys were giving me.

Pretty soon, some hot guys were dancing around me, almost forming a circle of which I was the centre. Sapphire had left my side under the pretence of getting a drink but I knew that she felt shy and uncomfortable surrounded by so many people. I didn't understand. She wanted Alex, right? A sure way to get noticed by someone like him was to be surrounded by loads of other guys. But she lacked the self-confidence I had and I wouldn't spoil my fun to drag her back into a situation she didn't really want to find herself in.

When the first slow dance came, I took the first guy who asked. His name was Zachary, or just Zach, he said with a wink that I didn't find half as alluring as he wanted it to be. He was tall (I wouldn't dance with a shorter guy) with blonde hair and light blue eyes. A real looker but nothing compared to Alex Dumont.

Speak of the devil... I spotted him, wandering in, pretending to look casual, though of course knowing that every girl was screaming inside for him to come and talk to them. His arm was wound loosely around Cassandra the Cheerleader's waist and she looked as if she'd rather be in some secluded place with him.

The slow dance ended and I let go of Zach, shaking my head when he asked for my mobile number, and I walked to the nearest wall which I leant against to watch Alex. He lifted the hand he was holding and twirled Cassie around, before leaning down to kiss her. I sighed, imagining myself in her position. Sapphire came and found me, holding a can of Sprite, and we went to find some seats where I could recover for my next bout of dancing and she could hide from the crowds.

We soon found ourselves in an animated discussion about Alex's best feature or features as I couldn't decide between his eyes which I wanted to drown in and his muscles which made my heart accelerate. Sapphire said a lot, which surprised me. She never talked much about boys with me but tonight, she spoke as if she'd never spent a moment not thinking about them. Well, well, I thought, amused.

The End

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