Competing for a Vampire's LoveMature

Two best friends. One vampire. A LOT of romance.


"I'm coming, I'm coming," I called, adding the final touch to my evening outfit: namely, a black feather boa.

I ran downstairs, hoping the carpet wasn't too dirty and wouldn't get dust on the soles of my tights (that always annoyed me) and sprinted into the living room.

"Tah-dah!" I shouted, posing and pouting like a model.

Sapphire laughed. I had to grin too. I was wearing a short, strapless, sequined black dress that barely covered my knees and hugged my figure tightly. I was wearing thin black tights which showed off my perfect long legs. You see, whenever we went to parties, we always loved to look stylish.

"Whose eye you looking to catch tonight?" Sapphire teased.

"Oh, I don't know," I replied, pretending to look thoughtful. "Perhaps... Alex Dumont's."

Sapphire gasped. "Alex Dumont?" She knew I was teasing but she was still shocked at my outrageousness. Alex Dumont was only the fittest guy on the planet. He was on every sports team, had muscles that made you hyperventilate and a face so gorgeous he melted your insides with a mere glance in your direction. All the girls wanted him, especially since the fact he was taken made him even more attractive. I sighed at the thought of his warm skin colour, tanned golden-brown by all the time he spent outside playing sports, felt weak at the thought of those chestnut brown eyes which seemed to set your heart alight and that thick, rich medium brown hair which you impulsively had to run your fingers through (not that anyone except his girlfriend dared). He had a blazing aura: you couldn't not notice him. He would be here tonight at the party, the centre of attention despite the fact it was being held by one of his male peers, and he would be surrounded by a circle of girls which would include Sapphire and myself. We both felt like we were the luckiest girls in the universe. We shared an adoration for him that neared obsession and we didn't care that our desire was probably unattainable.

I slipped on my heels and we closed the front door behind us, barely remembering to call "Bye" to my mother who was amused by our reactions to parties.

The End

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